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Superb photograph, I love the composition so much. Great job.

The problem is, most people don’t have F-droid installed - so take up of federated platforms is pretty much always by foss-inclined nerds.

We’re joined by Dr. Jemima Pierre from the Black Alliance for Peace to talk about upheavals in Haiti and the long history of foreign interference there…

We’re joined by authors and educators Aaron Leonard and Connor Gallagher, coauthors of Heavy Radicals, A Threat of the First Magnitude, and the Folksinger and the Bureau. We take a closer examination on the assassination of Fred Hampton, operational differences between the FBI & the police, and what…

Great post. I love RSS and I’m so sad to see it underutilised.

You can easily popflash yourself into mid too, you don’t necessarily need the second smoke.

The issue you’ll likely find moving forward is that once they work you out - they put two cat, or one peeking right side connector. The top cat smoke is probably as valuable as the window smoke.

I used to enjoy Lunduke before his brain melted.

PSA: AMD users beware, potential trust factor issues on CSGO.

I have a 10 year old account and bought prime around 2017, was told at the start of the year that I now have yellow trust factor - and it immediately shifted to red shortly after. …

Update: I’ve been playing around on a private server, the only way I can really get a consistent window smoke was to first have a cross smoke to get into the sandbags from the top of mid and then throwing it from there.

Otherwise, go onto the bin in T-spawn, look toward the pink building with two antennas on top. Place your crosshair near the top right , follow down through the skirting until you’re about halfway between the wooden beam and the top of the door - hold D and jumpthrow. This seemed to work 8/10 times, but was never anywhere near as consistent as throwing it from the top of mid.

Are you using the Pi as a daily driver? I recently attempted to do such a thing, but couldn’t deal with the relative sluggishness of the system.

On 64 tick servers it’s difficult, there are a couple standard smokes on 128 though.