Alternative to Google Translate?

I guess we all know about Google Translate, my one stop shop to quickly translate a single word, or a short sentence, or maybe even a whole interview in a different language.

Now to purge Google from my life, are there any alternatives?

Suggestions from the comments:


Since translation is pretty resource intensive, it seems to be offered only by those with infrastructure. DeepL seems pretty popular, but it is not comprehensive. Here’s a list I found on github, but maybe someone has an more libre suggestion

Google 108 Languages support the most languages in the world

Yandex 99 support more languages in the world, support word to emoji, unstable

Bing 77 support more languages in the world

Sogou 61 support more languages in the world

Baidu 28 support more languages, support professional field

Tencent 17 support more languages

Youdao 14 support more languages

Alibaba 12 support more languages, support professional field

Deepl 11 high quality to translate but response slowly, unstable


Deepl is awsome for many languages. Its extremly accurate for european languages


I’ve also been very pleased with its Chinese translations


Sweet, I was tired of using Bing over Googles’ translator (second result for “translate” in DuckDuckGo).

I’ve used Reverso extensively and it works great, also Linguee is context-based so it can help in tricky cases.

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