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Yeah sorry, i misplaced the OP and you with your wants and needs, so interpreted your comment differently. But yeah getting a 1KB site is super hard! But it is a nice challenge.

That is already pretty minimal, but why the 1kb? As the website that is mentioned is 250kb max. That is quite the difference.

Use the most basic HTML elements, sections, paragraphs, headings. No need to go fancy.

If you want to keep it as simple as possible, just use HTML. I don’t even know what you can put in 1kb of HTML if you leave out all the head meta data. Have to try that out.

In a lot of cases that makes indeed sense, that if i create a personal wikipedia page and declare myself person awesome the awesomenest and emperor of the world that that will not fly. But academic writing rules can’t be fully translated to be talking about people, or groups, or particular things. It really depends on the topic which ruleset you can apply (and i guess Wikipedia is trying to do that).

Wondering, is there a roadmap available somewhere?

1password, the combination of usability on all devices, and a firefox plugin makes it the most usable one. It is a paid service though.

Alternative to Google Translate?
I guess we all know about Google Translate, my one stop shop to quickly translate a single word, or a short sentence, or maybe even a whole interview in a different language. Now to purge Google from my life, are there any alternatives? ----- Suggestions from the comments: - [Deepl](https://www.deepl.com/translator) - [Reverso](https://www.reverso.net/text_translation.aspx?lang=EN) - [Suckless Google Translate](https://translate.metalune.xyz/) ([github](https://codeberg.org/simple-web/google-translate))

It seems that there have been some updates in the past days to Plume.

It did! Disroot has a huge mission statement where it is all written out, so that can’t be more clear than that. (i’ll also add them to the original posting as options for people in the future).

The way you seems to use the word “activism” seems a bad sense I never knew. What do you mean?

It was in no way meant as a bad thing, sorry if it came over that way.

Both those organisations have been around for quite some time right? Having their roots in activism as far as i know.

If the article in question is something that needs sources that are scientific. What if you want to update a page about a band (for example) you are actually in, are you then not one of the valid sources? (I think @SnowCode@lemmy.ml is referring to this).

a topic kick haha.

I would add that better formatted notification emails could help at least with the readability.

I like the idea of using a custom domain and changing providers if needed. Going to take that into consideration.

kick, emails are still showing up in the spam folder in Protonmail.

I mean to be realistic, my email account is not more than corporations trying to profit from my private data. So to self encrypt in my tin foil basement is totally a lot of overkill.

I have around 35 hours into the game and i really like it. Yes it has bugs, textures pop in sometimes, floating objects that kind of stuff (it never crashed on me, and saving is almost instant!). But do i have fun with it! The story missions are very well written and i really like the world it takes place in, side missions can be fun, i even had moments of: “hey i know that reference”.

Would say when the price comes down a bit, and all the patches are in place it surely is worth the money.

Thanks for the extensive answer, I will keep looking into it (and other alternatives) to see if there is something that fits my needs (which at this point is having multiple gmail adresses, so the only way is up i guess).

So Protonmail / ProtonVPN is not a good option?
I'm trying to get rid of my Google dependency and one of those steps was moving over to Protonmail. Now in the past few days i have been picking up signals that even Protonmail is not as clean as it might be. Does this really impact the privacy of how i use email and so is moving to Protonmail a step forward from Google, or is Protonmail just as bad? If so, what could be alternatives? ------ edit: Some of the alternatives being mentioned in the comments are: Email: - [Tutanota](https://tutanota.com/) - [CTemplar](https://ctemplar.com/) - [Disroot](https://disroot.org/en/services/email) - [Riseup Email](https://riseup.net/en/email) VPN: - [Mullvad](https://mullvad.net/en/) - [Riseup VPN](https://riseup.net/en/vpn)

Firefox Developer Edition. As i work a lot on the frontend the Firefox developer tools are something i use constantly. I do have Chrome and some other browser installed as you want to test in those as well.