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Deepl is awsome for many languages. Its extremly accurate for european languages

What exactly are they claiming to have achieved? Information being transfered in the form of entangled quantums or instant exchange of informatiom using entangled quantums?

I think the reddir redesing was the right step and they found a good compromise with old reddit.

I speak french(somewhat good) English(fluent) and german(native). I normally think on an higher abstract level than language but if im activly triggering my innervoice its usually in the language I interact with. With that beinf said, I am fairly certain there is a deeper level to my mind that still uses german as base for everything I do. I am so sure of this because I lived in the french part of Switzerland for 3 months and when I returned to germany speaking german felt odd for a few days and I often searched for words even though german was my mothertounge. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

The content provided on the Fediverse might be a turn of for the average user. Take mastadon for example: Imagine a user who just wants to try mastadon, he joins mstdn.social scrolls around a bit and yikes what is that? Every fifth post is trap hentai and the rest is 50/50 programming and communism. Obviously thats not the whole fediverse… but this is the first impression we give many new users. I think thats one of the problems of decentrelization, the lack of one starting point that is well moderated and conftable for the normal user. If we take a look at modern socialmedia like TikTok for example we notice that content fits everyone and if it doesnt it only takes a few swipes for the algorithm to figure it out. Users who dont care about or dont understand the risks of centrelized networks just dont want to loose this convenience.

You obviously would need to limit the content it mirrors to a few successful posts per minute. I do agree that it should develope its own culture but at the moment there is just to little content.

You dont exist this is imagination

Should there be a bot on here that crossposts from reddit?

This could be done in a separate community or in the equivalent communities in here(spam?). It would increase content and might bring more live to this platform…

Some oc for lemmy

tilvids is one of the best instances