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What’s the difference between casualpokemontrades and seriouspokemontrades, money? This from someone who never traded Pokémon cards or in games with actual people.

Welcome, it’s good to have you here.

Wow, thanks for the information. How long have you been playing it to actually reach an end?

Sweet, I was tired of using Bing over Googles’ translator (second result for “translate” in DuckDuckGo).

This wiki has a nice list of upgrades to the never-ending? idle game. I didn't even know about **Ascencion** (the "Legacy" option) until I got to billions of cookies.

Would be nice to have a chatbot that can inform you instead of wasting time/money on the phone to get the same from a real person.

Wonder how long it’ll take until this post has more up-votes than Yay! 2000 users!. And they’re only a month apart. Good for you Lemmy.

Edit: For reference: The previous 1,000 Users on Lemmy! Congratulations! was 2 months earlier and has almost as many up-votes as this one.

Hi Christian, it’s good to have you here.

What I’m looking for: …

Thanks for the offer. Hope you find chat partners.

… extreme metal.

Hehe, never heard that before but Wikipedia enlightened me.

… I want to learn to program but haven’t gotten any deeper than what’s necessary to do the first fifty or so project euler programs in haskell.

That’s not a language I’d advise for anyone wanting to learn Programming. However it makes sense to Mathematicians (the concepts of functional programming are closer to those of mathematics). In case you’re wondering what language I’d suggest, it’s either Python or Javascript. Both are very easy to try out (just need a browser), the second also serving as a basic calculator.

… I’m starting to enjoy math again now that I’m not under pressure to perform.

That’s awesome, I’m happy for you.

The intention of the post was to see whether there are anyone out there interested in me

I know but sadly, I’m in no position to commit to finding out more about you since I’m often procrastinating and berating myself over it (lazy cat and all that). It tickles my curiosity though.

It is not possible not to hear the lyrics, and I have not met with lyrics in my life I can associate myself with or it would resemble me

We have the same feelings about lyrics. Though in my case the foreign songs I’m used to are in Japanese and not Russian (yes, from Anime). I usually go for instrumental/chip-tune songs and listen to RPGN or SLAY (online) Radio for video-game nostalgia.

Also. Opera in older games is lovely as there are no actual voices .

Thanks for the references, I’ll check them out.


Hah, the little tombstone with the DOS icon in the background. I’d use (virtual) DOS over Power-Shell.

They say Money is the root of evil and, seeing as greed is the main thought on many people’s mind now-a-days, it’s no wonder our societies format the young to be individual and competitive. This way the rich (not the 1%, just rich enough to be free) can live without worry while the rest fight among themselves.

Yes, you are different, it’s unfortunate that you don’t have any overlapping interests with her friends though.

… I love the game of football and basketball, I love adventuring, I love technology. I love music of many kinds, I love everyone and everything …

That’s a lot of interests, perhaps the issue is not being more specific? For example: What kind of music and what would you discuss about it?

That bicycle meme pops into my mind, when the guy puts the stick in between the rungs and falls over blaming whatever …

For reference, this is the meme: Baton Roue.

That’s silly. Clearly landlords are worse since you pay them monthly, right?

Me neither, but the Games left a strong impression so we get the cult followings. The Companies don’t even bother to make good games, it’s the rule of least effort for highest profit. Of course this also applies to other areas (like Cinema).

Indie Dev’s start alright but I wonder if they wouldn’t fall in line or sell-out (Minecraft) after having enormous success.

Greed has been overtaking the World. We didn’t get things like Devilution as a kindness of Blizzard’s. In fact, a lot of companies would rather if their games died with them after they were no longer sold.

Interesting, I mean I already knew of Reddit bots/mods being all too quick to ban things but I’ll have to try writing it to mess with them in the future.

Could be interesting. I’ll lurk.

Hi Nappé, sorry for not greeting you earlier.

It’s nice to have you here. I believe you did good in creating this community, however…

… people do not have possibilities to express their experiences and ask for help. Nobody to be happy for you, just because you yourself are happy and nobody willing to understand the position you are in …

Much of the worlds population isn’t all too happy and would just share negative feelings, especially with what’s been going on around the World. But thanks, I do appreciate your intentions,

I feel isolated and I would love to have company in my days.

That’s not fair, you have Luca a dog and a cat for company! I’m kidding of course, in these trying times human contact is low and I hope you can find good friends.

Well, Back to the Future was clearly in a different dimension (flying cars in 2015, woo), sadly greed seems to be overtaking the World.

Hi there, I made this image of my cute [OC]( ![]( Then chibi-fied her: ![]( (In case anyone wants to know, the first was made with [Krita]( while the second was with [Inkscape]( And figure I could post them here as well. Both are vector-art, do you like them?