Just a painfully true meme for the start.


Greed has been overtaking the World. We didn’t get things like Devilution as a kindness of Blizzard’s. In fact, a lot of companies would rather if their games died with them after they were no longer sold.


Yeah, I can’t stand fanboyism for big game studios. Sure, maybe some of them are less terrible than EA, but that doesn’t mean they deserve admiration or trust.

If you want that, go support some indie devs. Or play open-source games, where everyone involved in the development is doing it for the fun of it.


Me neither, but the Games left a strong impression so we get the cult followings. The Companies don’t even bother to make good games, it’s the rule of least effort for highest profit. Of course this also applies to other areas (like Cinema).

Indie Dev’s start alright but I wonder if they wouldn’t fall in line or sell-out (Minecraft) after having enormous success.


I’d argue that pirating them is ethical as well. 🤷 While gaming certainly is escapism we can see the same mechanics working as e.g. in Football with people rooting behind their – perceived – team; an alienation within class structure and struggle. As creatives in the industry are underpaid, underappreciated and massively exploited I feel it’s a fair response.


Finally a community that will not take me for a terrorist for cracking MC. Every time you used the word “cracked” on Reddit, forums or Discord, you’re doomed.


Interesting, I mean I already knew of Reddit bots/mods being all too quick to ban things but I’ll have to try writing it to mess with them in the future.


I never got problems with bots, I got problems with people :p


Yup, pretty much. CD Projekt Red being the latest example of this.

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