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O2 aquí también, pero 38€/mes por 300Mbit simétricos y móvil. Estoy muy contento, y se puede usar material propio :)

It definitely looks like the typical article that drops some random facts for the conspiranoic minds to connect the dots.

They probably get called out, now that you say it, but I’ve never really followed them. I just raise an eyebrow and move on. Some content is remove really fast, like spam or ads, and this is definitely nice.

There are already politics everywhere, I agree that we don’t need any of it here. For now I follow only communities that interest me, but a blacklist would be welcome indeed.

While we’re at it, I also find amusing that there are so many fake news around here (about “science” or absurd tech), when it’s probably one of the most criticized aspects of other social media. You probably have to be even more careful about what you read here. Not that this is particularly bad, but we definitely shouldn’t expect better content here than anywhere else.

However, the federation is nice, and I hope it will keep growing so we can all find what interests us the most.

I believe btrfs is more sensitive to disk damage than say ext4. That would be safer to use as it makes the drive read-only before ext4 would, giving you more time to prepare for a backup/restore. What filesystem are you using? Give us you dmesg regarding the FS type, that should be a good start.

You’re right, I know of a few other companies that switched to MS Teams instead of Zoom. I think the point was mostly about moving away from Skype, which, at least for most people in the company I work for, was just left for dead.

Given the shift towards working from home, I certainly hope that not only Apple but more alternatives start to show. A FOSS option would always be better (Jitsi, etc), but if we at least have more competition it’s always nice.

Any software change requires months, usually even years to be applied on corporate laptops/computers. Even a simple office update goes through so many testing/deployment phases that it’s almost ridiculous.

Then, in March last year, most companies switched to Zoom in just a few days, when no one even knew about its existence. Interesting.

Stop eating and you’ll eventually disappear!

I knew my Vega 64 would make a nice candidate for FineWine :D

Maybe that’s my pessimistic side talking, but I don’t think it’s possible to get a massive drive of people to use Lemmy without tons of marketing. Talking about it to friends and family can surely help, or as you regularly do on GOL and Mastodon/Twitter, thanks for that !

+1 for Weblate, it makes it very easy to translate so many projects.

The same ones as on my desktop mainly (Telegram, email, Firefox, Matrix, OTP, Deja-Dup, RSS reader, Podcast, Lollipop, Mastodon…), plus some nice extra tools like SSH. A few months ago it used to crash quite often, but these days I get a crash maybe once a week.

The title isn’t technically wrong :p

It definitely isn’t fast, but I use it as my main phone. Of course for the majority of “heavy” uses I prefer the PBP of my main computer.

I’ve never heard of it, but if it’s on F-Droid, then the source code is probably available. Otherwise there are usually comments about some parts being proprietary or requiring permissions, etc.

I can’t wait to try the new interface !

That was really interesting. The situation is definitely more positive now than ever before. I remember the times when I first started using open drivers for my AMD laptop, at the time it forced me to install and learn Arch to get the best working state. Progress then just skyrocketed, to the point where today it’s pretty much plug and play, with even overclocking / undervolting working right from the box.

VR is a good opportunity to try new types of gaming, that’s for sure. I love the Index controllers concept, i’m sure it’s as close to full immersion as you can get. Give me my next RPG there and I’m sold :p

Maybe I sounded more like a hater than what I wanted, sorry for that. I actually think the technology and future possibilities are amazing. When the Nintendo DS came out I think it was quite similar: new tech, new possibilities, many games were just mini-games made for you to enjoy these features. Then there was a hole “touch” generation that was very well integrated, I used these features in almost every game on my 3DS.

Fast forward to today, touch seems to have died, even Nintendo doesn’t really develop anything in that regard. I guess I fear that the same might happen with VR, although it’s definitely amazing immersion wise, I think it can become a gimmick, unless we get more genres available, especially games that benefit more from immersion (FPS, RPG, etc).