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I understand the science behind it, I’m not saying you’re wrong. However I completely disagree on the proportions. I don’t need blue light from my screen, I already have plenty of natural light from many sources. I’ve tested everything I can think of, and my eyes are the most relaxed this way, with dark theme even during the day.

I sleep like a baby, pretty sure my circadian rhythm is fine, even when I spend most of the day in front of screens, so I think I’m good. I’m not saying this is perfect for everybody, just sharing my experience.

In order for us to see “white” onscreen, there is actually a big amount of blue that’s emitted. if your screen is 90% black, that’s much less blue to worry about. You can check with any cheap screen calibrator. I also have “night light” enabled in GNOME settings, so that the screen goes yellowish past a certain hour. Same on mobile. I’m really happy with this setup.

Thank god my circadian rhythm isn’t determined only by my monitor, there is plenty of natural light in my room.

Use dark themes to avoid blue light altogether (90% of it anyway), I find it much better for eyestrain.

Liquid nitrogen is used for overclocks in general, probably also for RAM. I don’t know the differences with liquid helium in this case.

There are overclocking competitions, the setups are quite amazing.

Both sides have good points IMO, excluding the aggressive comments. But this is indeed going the route of cancel culture: pointlessly wanting to see the world burn.

I remember when all adults were acting like this when the Internet became huge: “don’t trust everything you see there, it’s all lies and conspiracy theories, we know better, we double check everything and make our own minds”.

Nowadays most people, from boomers to zoomers, trust absolutely anything, especially if it’s completely ridiculous. Fake news basically make people more ignorant and hateful, which is exactly what politicians need: an agitated angry ignorant mass ready to believe anything.

With deepfakes I don’t think it can get worse, it’s the same all over again.

That’s nice! I can’t wait to use it on my Tumbleweed box.

I guess a webdev could want to make sure their website works fine on all browsers, or maybe because of some silly corporate requirements. Anyway the option is always good to have, because someone might need it.

Very nice post! I think some people are just in the middle of: need for privacy vs funcionality. They heard that Linux phones are a good alternative to Android and iOS, so they want it, while in reality they want an Android / iOS experience with more privacy. They’re not ready to sacrifice any convenience or learn to use different things.

Once you have your expectations in check, Linux phones are indeed amazing! And developing very fast, considering that only a few developers actually work on them.

That’s for sure. I believe the last relevant accident was the removal of Terraria’s developer YouTube account. No access to his emails either, so no way to reclaim anything back. Somehow I find it too big to be intentional, but who knows. And the situation for the dev must have been horrible anyway.

Install Lynis, and here begins the rabbit hole :D

Google is mainly bots, human workers are really just a few. This is not to defend them, but when shit happens, they’re always really late to notice, mainly because of that.

Yeah, at this point, Futurama’s vacuum tubes would make much more sense honestly.

With delta chat you already have an account: your email!

It has some hiccups, but overall I love it.

I hope it’s some automated mistake that they’ll fix soon. It’s not the first time this kind of thing happens, and it’s sad.

I hope it stays that way then. If/when Matrix is more popular, I hope it remains usable.