One possibility is to just use NewPipe. You can listen to the audio sources of YouTube videos, but you can also listen and search Soundcloud.


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There’s Nuclear?


There sure is, but what kind of music streaming are we talking about?

For the “mainstream” streaming services, like Spotify, Deezer and SoundCloud, there seems to be Blade Player available from IzzyOnDroid’s repository:

IzzyOnDroid is on the F-Droid team. His own repository just has somewhat laxer acceptance criteria. Do mind that if you add that repo to your F-Droid, it may become hard to tell which app comes from which repository.

If you want an open-source streaming service, you can use the Funkwhale app with e.g. the Funkwhale instance .

However, do mind that these are largely Creative Commons songs, so you probably won’t find your favorite band on there. The songs can also be rather interesting and/or crap, because there’s no music label filtering out the obscure stuff.

Finally, if you want to completely self-host your music streaming, there’s for example M.A.L.P. as an MPD client. Then you would also need to setup an MPD server somewhere.

I had been using airsonic as a music server for a long time, but have recently switched to navidrome. They both use a variety of subsonic compatible clients. I tried Funkwhale, but found it really difficult to configure. Navidrome is working really well, and is a lot lighter than airsonic.


Yeah, Funkwhale is rather built for public display of your music library. The backend is also written in Python, so presumably eats resources like no one’s business and, somewhat of a programmer prejudice, is probably also just not very stable / resilient to misconfiguration.

That’s why I didn’t really even mention it for self-hosting. I find it primarily useful, if you’re hooking into an existing instance like

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