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I notice a lot of Wizards on Lemmy, but maybe that’s unintentional selective perception because I’m a hopeless Wizard.

But I work really hard and skip lunches and come in early and answer emails at home and work 30 hours of unpaid overtime every week!

Surely management is super appreciative and will promote me all the way up to CEO… right? This is all totally worth it, right guys?!!

secretive international tribunals at which fossil fuel companies can sue governments for passing laws to protect the environment

Stupid sustainability of the only known habitable planet getting in the way of profits for billionaires

NSFW is right.

Don’t. Use. Gmail.

No one is arguing that RAM is persistent after reboots…

@yxzi 's original comment suggested regularly restarting your device, which coincincides with the assessment that Pegasus can live in RAM. I see it as nothing but great advice and I can’t figure out why it illicited your responce in a post created by you about “staying safe from Pegasus.”

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What type of phone do you use as your daily driver? iPhone? Android?

If Pegasus required physical access to your device that would be relevant. However, it’s installed through several other means and according to articles I’ve read can live in RAM. So restarting regularly despite never having an unattended device seems prudent.

One of the articles about it (I think from The Guardian) said that it can run in RAM which was one thing making it harder to detect. It said that it was present until a reboot.

No no, the economy is doing fantastic! Stocks are up, and The DJIA is the best indicator of how the average person is doing! We’re all better than before COVID started!

Sent from my car/home/job

Why stop at one religion?

I use Vanadium on GrapheneOS and have no complaints.

That’s weird - it showed that I commented the same thing twice, so I deleted the one you didn’t reply to, and now it shows just the one and it’s deleted.

I assume that’s you in the pics below - do you use an iPhone?

xenithtoPrivacyAccording privacy...

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I use GrapheneOS as my daily driver and love it. I’ve also been active in the GrapheneOS Matrix community and have never seen anything that I would consider questionable. I’ve never received money, but I guess my payment for this comment is a FOSS, deGoogled, hardened OS.

What speech-to-text app for Android do you use?

My requirements are that the app not use the internet at all, much less record and send my voice and transcripts to exist forever “somewhere else.”…

An enormous mass grave filled with children was too hard to completely bury, but don’t worry - absolutely nothing will come of it and it will be ignored and forgotten soon.

The Aurora Store shows the app has 2 trackers: Google CrashLytics and Google Firebase Analytics.

It sounds neat, but that’s a no from me dog.