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This picture made my ankles cold.

xenithtoLinuxA Farewell to LWN

What an interesting career she had!

MS knows is doesn’t matter. The US doesn’t even pretend to enforce antitrust laws anymore.

Meanwhile actual hate subs will go unnoticed while reddit shuts down pcmasterrace to get a higher IPO

I physically cringed while reading this. It sounds more like a copypasta and I’m still holding out hope that it is.

You can ignore users. I’ve only done it with 1 person but it’s made my experience much more enjoyable as they are… prolific.

I can’t imagine having a bad trip while on a space voyage.

The difference between deciding whether to have children in a past less-than-ideal situation and now while considering climate collapse is hope.

People believed that things could change and get better, and that their own child could help shape a better world.

People who are currently choosing not to have children due to climate collapse don’t see a future where anything but extreme suffering and death is possible. They don’t agree with the author’s assessment that it’ll be bad for people growing their own food but we’ll maybe be OK, and personally I don’t either. We’re here because the rich and powerful decided that short term gains for the few matter more than basic humans needs for all, and that governing notion is only accelerating. No one is going to help or save us.

Sure it might not be an extinction level event, but I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to create life that has to experience a “might not be an extinction level event.”

There’s a lot of great reasons to not have kids but they’re often not accepted by the family, friends, culture, or society as a whole that may he pressuring someone to procreate.

I personally don’t believe that people who highly value reproduction are abstaining because of climate change. The impending environmental (and economic) collapse are both relevant and more acceptable excuses for those who were on the fence or never bought into the notion that pooping out babies is the point of life.

I agree with this entire comment. I use and really appreciate GrapheneOS as my daily driver but if you (OP) require GAPPS it’s not going to work for you. Using LineageOS is a compromise on security and privacy in exchange for the ability to use GAPPS and as mentioned, you’re not degoogling anything while using microG to install GAPPS.

I actually looked into that but didn’t see the option, at least not using the Lemmur app. Is the option available in the browser?

Naw, you’re just a bully who thinks they’re the smartest person in every room. You don’t have an “authoritarian tone” - you’re not an authority. You’re not a leader and you’re not respected. You’ll never be any of those things while you treat everyone as if they’re below you.

You’re the bizarro version of a Trumper, always right, always angry, and ever more insulting when pressed for relevant facts. In fact, if you’re the official spokesperson for China, fuck that place. You make it sound about as appealing as Tucker Carlson’s America.

You’re wasting your life in comment sections screaming at the wall. People don’t learn or change their minds because an omnipresent username tells them how stupid they are. Your voice is one more angry buzz in an ocean of people who no longer know how to see humans behind each username.

For your own sake, consider a different way. You have to be miserable holding all that anger all the time. There’s no way you’re happy. You can have strong opinions and still not be rude or dismissive to others. In fact, I can guarantee that you’ll have exponentially more success getting your point across.

Yes they are surveilled and policed for protection purposes, but the alternative is them becoming terrorists, like some of them did that committed attacks against mainland from 1993-2013.

Whoa whoa whoa. I think you and I have different interpretations of what constitutes “fucked up” because I think what you just said is absolutely fucked and you just casually threw it in the middle of a paragraph. And you worded it like it was fact: “the alternative is them becoming terrorists.” I mean, fuck man.

Are you a fan of the US government surveilling and policing Muslims because “the alternative is them becoming terrorists?” You sound like a talking head on Fox News: “If them Mooslums all wanna be terrorists then the gubment SHOULD be watching them!”

This is my overarching point: you spend a lot of time on here calling people uneducated and bigots and sockpuppets and actors of the state all in the name of unshakable support for a government… which is exactly what the far right in America does for a different government. You/they come off as angry, hostile, and combative. Anything you/they don’t believe is misinformation believed by sheep and you/they are the ultimate arbiters of truth. You weaken your own arguments by equating insult to education and debate.

Most of the times I see you in a thread, you’re stating an opinion as fact or being rude to someone who asks a question or has a different opinion. In your response to me above you said that I “believe blindly that Anglosphere global news press always spoke the truth, and they are the true authority” and that you “have a feeling [I] have made up your mind” because I asked for sources or citations. You “bet I also believe” a bunch of other US-state sponsored propaganda which is a blatent attempt at undermining a platform that I don’t hold and never expressed. I never presented an opinion outside of my hatred for capitalism - I simply asked for information and you jumped on the offensive.

I’m not anti-China. I’m anti-being rude and dismissive when someone asks for information or doesn’t agree with you. You’re a bully and you need to be aware of that. Look at your comment history and tell me I’m wrong.

You’re not changing any minds or any systems by insulting everyone who doesn’t tell you you’re right. You’re obviously angry much of the time, but you’re not using it constructively. Despite your intentions you do more harm than good to your cause.

Strawman is a logical fallacy in an argument’s premise. It has nothing to do with political ideology. You can argue whether it’s a correct categorization of your comment, but its disingenuous at best to associate it with a shitty ideology in order to make a point.

I’m not sure why you’ve been down-voted for saying that you don’t have enough information to comment.

I guess we’ve gotten to the point where it’s gauche to let ignorance stop you from passionately arguing about international news.

I didn’t say I had any beliefs that needed shattering. I looked through the comments of the linked reddit AMA and some people talked about the spread of propaganda but that’s no more compelling than your comments saying the same thing. I’m not sure what I was supposed to take away from that and I hope that you have more substantial reasoning propping up your beliefs.

Back to my original question, in your estimation what is the level of misinformation about Uighur treatment by the CCP? Are Uighurs treated no differently than anyone else in China? Are Uighurs being detained or questioned due to their religious beliefs? Are reeducation camps real? I’m sincerely interested but calling news articles misinformation is not in itself compelling in any way.

I use it because it’s open source, degoogled, and hardened. I don’t know about the accusations against the founder but I’m not going to downgrade my security over it.

You’re very vocal about your belief that Uighur mistreatment in China is Western propaganda and are quick to discredit any source that says otherwise. As far as I’ve noticed you defend any jab at China in the same way.

Personally I’m very much against capitalism, the destruction its wrought on the world, and the countries that legislate in favor of short term gains for the wealthy over basic rights for the other 99.99%. The US is a shithole and the greatest offender of them all.

That said, just because I’m not on team America doesn’t mean I’m on team China. That stinks of “Republicans are terrible so I have to be a Democrat.” Both can suck and legitimately criticizing one doesn’t mean you’re in league with the other though I don’t get the vibe that you agree with that sentiment. You’re quick to say that anything negative said about China is propaganda.

In this particula case, I’m curious to what degree the information is false. Is it a 100% fabrication and there is absolutely no different treatment of Uighur Muslims by the Chinese government? Are Uighurs asked nicely to consider a different religious belief but nothing more? Are reeducation camps real, but Uighurs are treated really well there?

Please cite your sources and explain why they’re more credible that the sources that claim some fuckery is going on with the Chinese government in respect to Uighurs.

What speech-to-text app for Android do you use?

My requirements are that the app not use the internet at all, much less record and send my voice and transcripts to exist forever “somewhere else.”…