All Cops Are Bastards

>Jalen’s father, Warren Randle, explained to the crowd and the media that this wasn’t the first time Privette was facing charges for his dealing with civilians. “Privette has a case of excessive force on another minority person. That case is in federal court right now. It’s a civil case. If the roles were reversed, and if a civilian had shot a police officer, there would have been an immediate response. They have had six months to review the body cam footage and see that before a command was even finished being issued, a fatal shot was fired.”

cross-posted from: > _"Last week, the New York Post published a front page mocking Adams for accurately talking about the crime rate in the subway. The front page featured a photoshopped Adams riding a winged unicorn next to the NYC skyline with doves, butterflies, a pink teddy bear, and a rainbow above it. The front page headline read “Fantasy Land” and “City is unsafe? It’s just media and false ‘perception’, mayor says.” It’s fitting that the New York Post, which has never had a problem with printing cop lies, would only become skeptical of a cop’s word when it’s the actual truth about crime."_ > > ...And really I got no sympathy for him. Lay down with pigs, don't be surprised when your ass wakes up in the bed of the slaughterhouse truck.

>Immediately after the arrest, in what was widely understood as a threat, FPA Multifamily/Trinity issued all tenants a notice demanding rent paid in full, and dispatched “inspectors” flanked by armed guards in tactical gear to aggressively doorknock tenants, demanding entry to their units. The arrest was clearly a retaliatory measure in a broad harassment campaign against organized tenants exercising their rights, and an attempt to exploit loopholes in local eviction restrictions.

Thoughts on the Dahmer Series?
After watching it I realized how useless and harmful cops are, especially when it comes to minorities.

I bet that cop was mad the teen had a girl next to them.

Fuck the police
That's all I wanted to say.

All Cops Are Bastards

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