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I feel badly for your lonesomeness and economic difficulties, so, I am not bragging…but, I am alone today and love it! I don’t care about Christmas, but I have a day off from work and behaved terribly lazy today! Its is 8pm where I live and I haven’t even showered yet.

I don’t vilify Russia as it is much more than its government. I do vilify its government and Putin - in general and especially as a gay man. I also have a strong distaste for any far right ideology. I don’t understand why people seem to defend Putin so much.

Agreed…PR privatized our electric grid recently…we have more frequent power outages now and much higher electric bills, very bad situation for poor residents (of which two third of my island falls into). It’s not just the lack of lighting, most poor people who rely on electric power to refrigerate life saving drugs, keep getting screwed over with long periods of no electricity…and Luma is much more relentless with complety shitting power to late bill payers.

The only good thing of Luma coming to Puerto Rico…is that many places, including my low income apartment building, are transitioning to solar rapidly.

This was an interesting read…as a US citizen, the one part that made me giggle was the that you included US in the list of surprises to be under Eastern European math medals…our primary education ranks lower then many “third world” countries!

Want to make a website from scratch
I want to make a website from scratch...it's more about the coding learning experience then having anything important to promote...would Linode work for this?

My third day with no power! Luckily I live in San Juan where local business are open with generators (even more lucky that I can afford this). But replacing the electric grid is stupid, it will always come down again. We need solar (for everyone).

I’m lazy, I don’t excercise!

But…I do live in a city with subpar transport and don’t have a driver’s license or car…so I do walk way more then most. I listen to pass the boredom - if I’m feelings chil, I listen to new Orleans jazz (is actually a radio station from Paris) or SomaDefCon(another internet radio). If I’m power walking… it’s SomaPopTron(you guessed…internet radio)

I prefer to use Droid anyhow…even though I’m still using a vanilla Google phone. Sigh

Asking for a friend (maybe)
Is "my friend" horrible for liking, sometimes too much cocaine. He goes to work every day, etc...he also takes days off from substance whence tired. But he also may be sick of attempting treatment whence getting treated like a worthless person. Again... Just asking for a comrade :)

The Lemur app I had from play store was updated on Jan 14 2022 and in the play store that is the last one listed.

Anyhow, I’m happily using Lemur as we speak, just downloaded from F Droid instead…and again, thank you for your work. I really like this app!

Jerobo from the play store for me. I got a “new” cheap Google phone after my old cheapy (Obama phone) stopped turning on!

Anyhow, I didn’t try jeroba in Droid but, Lemur in Droid works… as you can see !

I understand it’s not official…and thank you for putting work into this! like I said, it works from Droid, but not Google Play(I prefer Droid anyhow). I uninstalled…but let me check the play store and get the version number for you.

Helsinki Mooc...Python I exam
I've been working through the homework and feeling good. I think I want to take the first exam on Oct 1. Anyone done this before? I'm successfully getting through homework, but looking for tips on what else I can do to prepare to successfully pass the exam. Although it's free...I already took the morning off from my hourly job to take the exam...so...I really want, not just to pass, but really kill it!

Curios...why can I sign on with the Droid Lemur app, but not the Google Play?
I love free software, but my wallet keeps my with a cheap Google phone...so, I watch what I do here, but don't worry about "software freedom"...there is a Lemur app in Google Play, and when I sign on, it just spins and spins and...you get it. So, I jumped through the hoops to allow F Droid on my phone...and here I am all signed in! 😊

I am not sure what “tankie” means - but I feel your last sentence hard.

I keep reading these comments…perhaps my understanding of FOSS is flawed…but, I don’t consider my Google phone “free” (in free software sense) at all. I hate it and use it as I’m poor and I can’t function without a phone, so I tolerate android.

I use YouTube through FreeTube…I really try to like peer tube, but I’m kinda old and it’s not super user friendly for me. Don’t judge! I’m just being honest.

For me, the pro isn’t what they provide, but what they don’t (at least so far, in my limited experience) - celebrities and influencers.

I use trains locally, for work and such, but insofar as going anywhere outside PR, what will a train do for me? I live on an island!

Im not sure what “leftist áreas” means exactly. I think honest questions with good intent are usually okay. You can learn without asking and curiosity done respectfully should be welcomed.

I have questioned people of other races then me about issues that I’ve heard and have always received positive and thorough responses.

I think some distros would work just fine for an average user, who typically only uses a web browser and office apps anyway. The only problem I see with Linux desktop is it’s not available (with few, usually higher end machines like system 76) pre-installed at a Best Buy. Most people think computers are “windows computers” or macs and have no idea other options exist.

purchase advice
Hi there...I recently started a pixelfed.social account and got a little excited about photography...I don't have alot of money and sometimes I get excited about new hobbies, and then they fade. I am looking for advice on buying a "sorta" decent digital camera, but not something that will break my bank if I ultimately lose interest. I guess, I'm looking for "starter gear" suggestions. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any advice.

Spider, Parque Central, San Juan, PR

Upgrading RAM
Just looking for advice/opinion. I bought from ebay, what i thought was an x220 Thinkpad with 8G of RAM..turned out only to have 4. I left a bad review but will keep the machine. I put Arch/Sway anyway. I want to add RAM...i think it can go up to 16. I looked on line and i think it would be about $50 to buy the memory...so i thought o would find an online tutorial and add the memory myself...is this a bad idea?

Anyone else having a wonderful day?
This isn't a deeply intelectual question...but I'm having a wonderful day/time period actually and wanted to share and see how others are doing.

Advice on language learning for an old man
After getting fired by my corporate job, three weeks before my NYC sublet lease expired, I decided, hastily to run away. PR was the furthest I could get without worrying about working laws...so I went for it, and honestly, I love it! But...I need to learn Spanish, and idk if I'm too dumb or too old...but three years in and I can't do very much. I don't have many friends, I can't afford to live in the tourist zone (I wash dishes) so making friends without Spanish is near impossible. Any advice? Anyone my age that has mastered a foreign language? Any tips or ideas appreciated. Thanks!

Anyone here like 21 Savage?
Soooo.... i am a gay older (don't ask how old) male. I discovered 21 Savage at a rough time in my life when I was losing everything in NYC and had to run away (I landed in PR, btw)...I'm white, I'm gay, I shouldn't be celebrity shocked, but 21's music, got me through some rough times. I'm conflicted on this...any comments?

How do I delete an old facebook account?
I have an old facebook account, I don't have access to or even remember my phone number or email that was associated with the account. I also don't have "three friends"....is there anything I can do to delete that account?