A plan by China to restrict exports of key solar manufacturing technology could delay attempts to build up a domestic solar supply chain in the U.S., industry experts say.

lol…as if the US (i live in a territory) actually wants solar! What would the power companies do, if we adopted solar nationally?

That being said…my landlord made my building solar! I have $12 Luma bills now and NO POWER OUTAGES!!! I live in PR, where the electric grid fails pretty regularly. I am lucky.

Was that in the works? Was the US trying to build up a manufacturing capability for Solar Panels. If the US wants something China has they could try asking for it. They could also fund their own R&D.

I bet China would be open to joint development with the US, but the US has to decide whether it wants a trade war or cooperation.

☆ Yσɠƚԋσʂ ☆

Yeah, China has always held the position that they want cooperation. The antagonism comes entirely from US. Now US reaps what they sowed.

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