Is “my friend” horrible for liking, sometimes too much cocaine. He goes to work every day, etc…he also takes days off from substance whence tired. But he also may be sick of attempting treatment whence getting treated like a worthless person. Again… Just asking for a comrade :)

Horrible? Probably not. Unhealthy? I’d say so, but I have my vices as well. I’d tell em to keep looking for avenues of treatment. Coke is expensive and fucks your nose up.

If someone who isn’t me(SWIM) is experiencing a habit, they should look to dial back before it’s too late and gets them withdrawal bs.

Cocaine is fun, but it’s better to keep it as a treat than as a way to function. Sometimes it’s hard to find healthy ways to exp substances.

It’s best to focus on self-growth and self-awareness. Sometimes NA(narcotics anonymous) can help. No one is worthless, except maybe the capitalist overlords, and swim is most likely drawn to dependence based on external/environmental factors. Depression, loneliness, anxiety, precarious living situations, stress. Swim should try to improve, reduce or eliminate those sources of distress and discomfort. Take good care of swim and dependence will ease.

Soviet Snake

Cocaine is pretty nice, I usually do not consume daily because it fucks too much with my sleep, althought I’ve never done it in the morning, maybe if you stop at the afternoon it is all good. Doing it daily can fuck with your brain, though, not opiod fubar but still, gotta be smart.

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