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bro i dont read the articles or even the text of the post. i see your post doesnt have a tldr so i have no idea what you went rambling about. i can only assume it is because you think i should read all the comments before replying. ha. this aint skool

Wow amazing insight friend

I just hope that when the food and water wars finally arrive to first world countries that by then the left vs right debate can finally be repointed to C levels and billionaires. Those are the ones we will need to ‘war’ with. And by war I just simply mean “stop the aggressor”

ive loaded pop os on my laptop and desktop. no complaints aside from gaming support isnt quite up to windows level but is still doable. i dont have much time for gaming much as a parent anyways.

the bigger story here is… will they also ditch the “blue” theme with the arrival of the new logo? You can bet your ass they will.

link to the AP news article actually making this claim?

Eh, no. I value my time so I won’t refute but you are naive.

No audiobooks. Got it. Thanks!

Marxism books?
Hi! What would you recommend for someone to read to gain an understanding for Marxism?

That is in your area. Where I live, in Texas, all buildings have AC

Are you suggesting there is no public and private sector in China? Or in America?

Absolutely. Peace be with you. 🙏

I’m getting an API error when trying to click the link.