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Or at least helps you strengthen your own views

I don’t think that lemmygrad should appear automatically in the feed because of the strong political inclination without counterbalance, but I’m still glad there is a space for more niche areas because you often find some truth in alternative perspectives.

Hello there
Just wanted to say hi and meet some of y'all. How do you do?

i dislike Spotify’s monopolisation to such an extent that I spotify-dl’ed all my music and stopped my subscription.

the digital renmibi is not crypto, but that’s indeed what i’m making reference to.

you truly are mistaken in calling crypto decentralised, for it follows the same chi-squared pattern of distribution we loathe true capitalism for. nonetheless, i appreciate some of your ideas.

I’d like to say a couple of unpopular things here, though I hope you all appreciate the diversity of thought and engage in discussion with me.

Firstly, it only makes sense that the Chinese government is banning bitcoin, though I’d highlight the wastage of electricity is a secondary goal. Case in point, China still fervently engages and expands its production of electricity via coal. Instead, the goal is to better balance the gridlines where most crypto mines are; more importantly, nurturing the right environment to disrupt USD throughout the New Belt Road necessitates their crypto usage be tamed. Don’t get it confused.

just wait for lab meat, silly! the market will sort it out eventually

though i appreciate the work of minetest team and other foss games, i think minecraft is on another level.

IMO, it is your judgement whether to allow a microsoft-owned game onto your otherwise FAANG-free phone, but you cant even make a consented choice on ios or gAndroid.

i believe you can sideload minecraft from outside the play store. its just installing another apk from an online website, though you have to trust the source.

it can be ethically questionable to start doing this for apps you havent paid for. additionally, if you do this, you will have to check manually for updates.

muy interesante el artículo, aunque no es verosímil la comparación entre 1850 y la actualidad…

Dicho eso, el mercado laboral español sí tiene unos problemas de base tremendamente importantes, en los cuales más de lo mismo solo conducirán a más vidas perdidas.

La búsqueda de creación de capital es más ineficiente, inflexible e injusta que en otros países.

free as in freedom, not free as in free beer –clearly undermining the definition of free software here, freeware is rarely OSS

I take the view that they would begin providing the necessary institutionalisation for more social politics in future; they attack atomisation incessantly pursued in neoliberalism. Even though their collectivisation patterns are somewhat different to that of trade unions, one must not obviate the most pertinent unions have been professional occupations, and not the traditional underrepresented proletariat.

I’d also attribute some of the rejections of others in this post to market based systems, and not capitalism per se… But that’s an intersectionality argument to have another time.

From experience, most supermarkets require night shift workers even if closed, to restack the shelves. Ergo, robotisation may be the only ethical option here.

I find A. Sen, and the welfare economics movement quite an interesting one, regardless of whether I, or you, agree with capitalism.

It breaks down and reinvents neoclassical economic ideals with a more holistic understanding of social concerns. Some psychological concepts used to disregard the “homo economicus” (the perfectly knowledgeable, rational man) include risk avoidance, and irrationality.

Nudge theory has been beneficial for many causes. For example, simply altering the date at which you provide aid to a farmer will alter outcomes; changing organ donations from opt-out to opt-in greatly increases donors; adapting the structure of auctions can remove most collusion; the list goes on. The study of un-rigging markets can be dope, even if limited in its scope.

He’s not someone to be so gratuitously venerated: besides the sociopolitical influence of his football, as an individual he was nothing short of repulsive.