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who shot the first rocket?

A fox is not caught twice in the same snare…

Very interesting link, thanks for sharing. But its a year old and the matrix project is updating fast. Dit they change/improve on thare privacy?

How does is store the photos on the file system? Sinds fore ever I have one folder with subfolders like this: Foto folder/

  • yyyy-mm-dd - name of event/photo.jpg
  • 2021-01-01 - New years day/
  • Etz

If i load them in to LiberePhoto does that have to change?

For the CCP the enemy, and for the rest utopia.

The problem is the politicians people vote for. If you want to change stuff get the right people in the right spot. In the USA more than 74 milion people voted for a guy whu doesn’t give an f about the environment, and quit the paris agreement. Thats the real probleem.

If nobody buys their oil they will stop . So back to the original topic less people = less polution.

That’s very a simplistic view. There is no dr Evil corp that exist just to pollute the world. The real problem is that we (people) don’t give a #$#%$# about the environment when we buy stuff. So why would a company sell stuff green but more expensive than the competition? That’s a formula to go broke, as long as the consumers doesn’t care. And that where I think governments have a role. The should make rules and regulations that make the green chose the more profitable one. But a single government can’t make that policy because than production just leaves your country. Not because company’s are evil, but because if they don’t and the competitions does they go broke. That’s why we have (the beginning) of international agreements like the Paris Agreement. That in my opinion don’t go way far enough.

But dont those corporations pollute to make things for the people? So less people, less things, less pollution by corporations.

Fantastic as in it can’t be real?

but then you can’t vote on them.

It may look like it, and criticism is good. But china’s social credit system is on a whole other level.