“the Four R’s of Responsibility:” “remove, raise, reduce, reward.”…

"Since January 2020, a threat actor has been inserting thousands of malicious servers into the Tor network to identify traffic heading to cryptocurrency mixing websites and perform an SSL stripping attack, which is when traffic is downgraded from an encrypted HTTPS connection to plaintext HTTP. …

VR & Biometric data

"Through the lens of advanced data analytics, gaze patterns can reveal much more information than a user wishes and expects to give away. (…) eye tracking data may implicitly contain information about a user’s biometric identity, gender, age, ethnicity, body weight, personality traits, drug consumpt…


Corporate free software

So they made Android mostly free software. The thing is that at some point they ended up having the biggest market share with operating systems connected to the Internet…



Sorry, just kidding

Having a 100% secure system (nobody can break-in), but no privacy/anonymity, is like: “Hey man, I protect you. You can trust me!”, says the man with an MP and 1500 bullets…

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