PeerTube v3 : it’s a live, a liiiiive !

Today we are releasing a major new version of PeerTube, our alternative to centralized video platforms like YouTube. Please note: La version Française (originale) de cet article est disponible ici ; Here is a direct link to the release, complete with its changelog. Wait… What is PeerTube?..


Peertube is really the future!


I hope you are right.

Well, I think I’m right that peertube will be the future solution for video hosting for organisations that do not need the ad revenue that Google provides. It’s pretty much already the case for free software organisations: Debian, blender, the FSF already host their videos on Peertube. There are already communities with a rather large following like TILvids, (a french instance about scientific vulgarisation. We can only hope to see it take off outside of the free software sphere.




peertube uploading/viewing capability is adequate. aka Sepia Search unfortunately is insufficient. It brings up irrelevant results because multi-word searchs return “UNION set” results instead of the intended “INTERSECTION set”. For example if I plunk in “rust programming” into the sepia search, it returns “rust” OR “programming” results. It should be returning “rust” AND “programming” results.

I wish for peertube to succeed, but it needs more work especially with the KEY “Sepia Search” capability which provides a one-stop shop for searching ALL INSTANCES for relevant content, but as it stands it’s too noisy returning too many results that I don’t want to see.

Thank you for listening.

Finally getting in direct competition with YouTube

How is it going on peertube? Is it a privacy oriented version of YouTube?



A free software to take back control of your videos

Peertube is an open, federated alternative to Youtube without advertising or tracking. On this site, you can find a good Peertube instance, with good rules, good moderation and most importantly a friendly community.

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