Some interesting details about /

IMHO, there are of course worse alternatives, but people should really not recommend it over something like XMPP that works just as well and is also federated.


Intended hitpiece from people trying to get an alternate protocol to stick (via the CC0 attribution at the bottom).

I haven’t read it in detail but even skimming through it’s making some pretty questionable claims. “well, you have to join a public room, so it’s not really public”, and “they said their GDPR tools were ‘hacky’ which means they must not be good enough” and “a system administrator could configure STUN/TURN in such a way that IP metadata gets sent to Google”

I’d be very willing to believe Matrix had fucked some stuff up, leaked data, etc. but I don’t see enough to buy the accusations of bad faith.


Yeah good point. However, it is also true that the Matrix develpers have massively down-played such and similar issues.

Edit: and yeah, I don’t think the Matrix developers are acting on bad faith. In fact the above article also claims the opposite: just no focus on privacy. And in addition I would say a lot of incompetence as well, looking at their code-quality otherwise.


Very interesting link, thanks for sharing. But its a year old and the matrix project is updating fast. Dit they change/improve on thare privacy?


Unlikely, as they have down-played these issues in the past and focused more on adding superficial stuff to the UI.

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