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Yeah that’s just ridiculous, they are in an outright phase of denial.

Trump took advantage of well known southern rednecks who still believe the secessionists are heroes and they long to be like them. That’s just a direct analogy of war.

It might sound controversial, but the right wing deserves their own social network, and i think the actions of the widely known GAFAT are not something that we should mindlessly support, because the fact that their interests find coincidences with ANTIFA’s principles doesn’t mean they strive for human rights or that they care.

Right wing politics deserve their own social media for several reasons, but not all of these are convenient for them. Donald Trump loved Twitter because it gave him a big platform where he could reach people outside of his bigoted and conservative politics. With a niche social network like Parler, you objectively only reach conservative minded people, and they are, at this moment, not the majority.

This could be applied to the fediverse as well tho.

And then they enable telemetry by default, and as far as i know, they might be sharing your search history.

Oh god i hope this increases the performance in the Raspberry Pi 4 because i miss Firefox.

But it sucks… let’s be honest, Firefox cannot survive just by advertising themselves as the kings of privacy when the browser is not that private by default.

I totally agree on this, i also feel that the reason the community is choosing more permissive licenses than copyleft licenses is because they hope they can catch the interest of a company to make it popular.

Since there’s no government in the equation there’s no perspective other than the market perspective and the community perspective, but the market has been eating the community perspective, slowly, over time. Involving governments in the FLOSS community would balance things out in my opinion.

Then don’t dot it lol.

It was just my opinion.

animal agriculture

Yep, that was the whole thing.

If you are vegan, no, that would be mean.

But, either talking about animal agriculture or agriculture itself… it would be surprising to a lot of people to realize that both models are incredibly inefficient and some cultures who were truly auto sustainable never used them to survive.

I saw hunting as something cruel in the past… but i thinks i was wrong, it’s crueler to treat animas like bags of meat, and being confined in such a small space leads some species to cannibalism, such as birds.

In a certain way, if it’s cruel to isolate living organisms like pigs because of our need of meat, then hunting would surprisingly be a real alternative.

Animals die in their natural environment by serving their natural role of prey, and humans used to fill the rol of a predator in their previous environments, so hunting would mean there’s no need to torture animals and at the same time we would get the natural nutrients that comes from the meat.

Fishing is a good activity in that regard.

Well… shiet.

I mean it’s technically a cryptocurrency, but not a decentralized one, and yeah, i’m talking about Libra.

Yeah i do remember when US congress tried to ban facebook’s crypto, the main argument of Zuckerberg against the ban was that China was advancing a lot in the technological world, and if USA would’t enter to the crypto world they would be losing in the long run against China.

And he’s right, not surprising seeing him advising against everything china related.

I don’t find it concerning to be honest…

That’s nice, i actually thought that there was not a single algorithm that would stand up to quantum computers.

In a modern x86 computer? It is.

BUT if you’re using a Raspberry Pi 4 as your main computer as i am, it really is not, not even with Webrender activated.

I’m also using only Firefox preview in Android and is quite good, but i understand that Firefox struggles when using a lot of AJAX, which most mobile versions of a webpage don’t.

Very unfortunate since y hate Chromium but what can i say…

That would also be very interesting, considering that Javascript is the language of the web, having alternatives on the web would imply that you’d no longer need Javascript for “native Web applications”.

Big projects in Rust?

That’s nice, i wish there was more adoption of the language.