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Well 720p videos makes Firefox to choke, while Chromium can handle 720p60fps without problem.

Yeah javascript is also kinda bad, Chromium is better in that department too, but the worst part of this is that Firefox only uses CPU mode, without webrender it doesn’t take advantage of the GPU. Raspberry pi’s GPU is not the greatest thing in the world, but it looks like it could help a lot. Chromium definitely takes advantage of the GPU and the experience feels smoother.

These kinds of things reminds me how messed up our western economical system is.

They have to, their people are aging to the point that they need fresh blood.

Having that said, i wonder how chinese would react to a sudden influx of foreigners, as far as i know they treat them as celebrities.

Alright buddy you funny, i’m gonna take you as a troll account, but we need those in here. Welcome to lemmy.

what is going on in there, i am a minority in usa and if i suck as a person i deserve to be held accountable.

Please don’t give me a privilege that i didn’t request.

Chromium, Firefox sucks big time on the Raspberry Pi 4, webrender would make things much better, except that it doesn’t work, the screen gets distorted and white squares appear instead of the content.

I kinda miss Firefox, but what am i gonna do? sucks to suck.

You know you can apply that to any antifa member who wants disobey laws by resorting to violent means.

This is the nature of FLOSS, if you have the time and passion, why should you do what others say instead of what you want?

It’s conflictive, but it’s the truth.

Although i wouldn’t mind some right wing users being around, hate speech in disguise would be a problem.

Leftist people are not in any capacity perfect, quite the contrary, but at least there is more rejection of such values, thus creating a more inviting environment. Bigoted leftists are a problem as well, i hope the community doesn’t get carried away by those kinds of people.

Sort of? They will soon realize that things are different in here, but if we want to grow the community, we have to accept new users, in one way indiscriminately.

This, one instance wont be able to handle a massive amount of daily users, but the fediverse is designed with ahem… federation in mind.

Mastodon dot social is an example of when there is an over centralized instance, but lemmy ml, although centralizing it’s still relatively small.

I am among those people who think stalin wasn’t a hero, mao a genocide, and modern russia and china are oligarchies and dictatorships.

Some community members might disagree with me, but so far it’s been in a respectful way.

No, even they should, in the process you isolate them.

They could absorb the entire platform in the process, like the my little pony guys in some imageboards. The level of flood back then was sometimes unbearable.

Which makes absolute sense, congrats to the Masto project. Very successful so far, still waiting for a “groups” feature tho.

So i have not bought a GNU/Linux phone for several reasons, one of which is that neither the ecosystem nor the devices themselves seem to be mature enough to have a stable experience. …

So i’ve been playing some old RPG’s, the First one was Final Fantasy 6 which i disliked, then i played Star Ocean, which i liked a lot, and now i’ve finished Breath of Fire. …

isn’t it two waifus with swords as the next DLC for Smash Ultimate? …

Predictions? …


I played the game and these are my thoughts. …

My first Pokemon game was emerald so I thought why not give the first gen remakes a try? …