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Well, at the end of the day there is a historical wound that white colonialists countries inflicted on Africa as a continent that hinders their current relationship. In some ways this also applies to the United States.

Meanwhile China has the same plans that US had for Mexico when they created the TLCAN, but nobody complains since China has never had belligerent relations with Africa. Is an alliance where i personally find Africa to be on the disadvantageous side.

I’ve been reading the messages and it’s totally embarrassing, i can’t believe someone is messing with a kernel installed on thousands of millions of devices just to create an academic paper.

TWICE, they were trying to do it AGAIN.

An entire institution banned thanks to these guys.

Sounds kinda excessive and at the same time adequate.

To me that’s the perfect description of mixed feelings.

There’s no reason for anarchists and anarcho-comunists to be enemies, especially if you are on the pacifist side of things.

Personally i reject most types of violence because it only breeds more volence.

Actually this might be the perfect combination.

Personally i have no problems if you copyright your art, code might be reusable so that makes sense.

With no GCC rust implementation and without a standard, LLVM is going to be present in Linux as a dependency for unnecessary reasons.

Buy local.

It’s not about the product, it’s about the people.

Personally i think games are among the only exceptions to the “everything should be free software” rule that i have.

Oh, the Ultima games, they were the main inspiration for Dragon Quest, thus becoming the granfathers of modern RPGs, i’ll probably try them in the future.

Not yet!

Before playing FFVI i had only played and finished Mario and luigi superstar saga and Pokemon Emerald (and the first gen remakes). The plan is to play most of the famous 16 bit JRPGs to finally play what i consider to be the two titans of that era.

Earthbound and Chrono Trigger.

As a begginer of this genre i can only judge the games based on how they feel now, not based on what they achieved back then. Having that said, i expect great things from these two games, they just look really good.

I somehow think the charm and shortcomings of these games is what makes them so unique and memorable. Just for curiosity i played the third Breath of Fire game for the PS1 (just the fisrt half hour) and you can appreciate how much the franchise evolves while mantaining the essence.

Overall i think it’s worth giving the series a try, the GBA versions might be the friendliest ones.

Well the fediverse is not the same as the technology behind or the standar.

Would the ActivityPub standar be helpfull in that particular, unexplored camp? I think so, but it takes creativity to create an idea and then land it.

Now, this problem of exploitation has more to do with universities, companies and government institutions, and i doubt this technology could change that.

So i’ve been playing some old RPG’s, the First one was Final Fantasy 6 which i disliked, then i played Star Ocean, which i liked a lot, and now i’ve finished Breath of Fire. …


For once i like it AND… it doesn’t work on Ubuntu Wayland for the Raspberry Pi 4, only on Xorg.

And let’s see if the performance improvements are good enough as to make Firefox and actual usable browser for the Raspberry Pi 4, i would be more than happy to move from Chromium if all conditions are met.

Having that said, it’s clear that desktop GNU/Linux users are among the most loyalist and somehow grateful audiences considering that the software that companies deliver here tends to be of lower quality.

Bug reports are also more frequent because… well nerds gonna nerd. I actually think GNU/Linux users tend to avoid piracy more than Windows users, what they want is support and quality, not necessarily cheaper prices. People using the Talos II do not care that much about prices, they want good software.

I was about to post it on Mastodon yesterday LOL. I was just a little worried.

Glad to see it’s nothing more personal.

It seems it still doesn’t show pictures…

Let’s be honest, Signal was never an option.

Rather than being free software, signal is more like museum software, you can see, but you cannot touch.

Surprisingly Switzerland doesn’t appear in many of these organizations, but France does…

isn’t it two waifus with swords as the next DLC for Smash Ultimate? …


Predictions? …


I played the game and these are my thoughts. …


My first Pokemon game was emerald so I thought why not give the first gen remakes a try? …