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Well 720p videos makes Firefox to choke, while Chromium can handle 720p60fps without problem.

Yeah javascript is also kinda bad, Chromium is better in that department too, but the worst part of this is that Firefox only uses CPU mode, without webrender it doesn’t take advantage of the GPU. Raspberry pi’s GPU is not the greatest thing in the world, but it looks like it could help a lot. Chromium definitely takes advantage of the GPU and the experience feels smoother.

These kinds of things reminds me how messed up our western economical system is.

They have to, their people are aging to the point that they need fresh blood.

Having that said, i wonder how chinese would react to a sudden influx of foreigners, as far as i know they treat them as celebrities.

Alright buddy you funny, i’m gonna take you as a troll account, but we need those in here. Welcome to lemmy.

what is going on in there, i am a minority in usa and if i suck as a person i deserve to be held accountable.

Please don’t give me a privilege that i didn’t request.

Chromium, Firefox sucks big time on the Raspberry Pi 4, webrender would make things much better, except that it doesn’t work, the screen gets distorted and white squares appear instead of the content.

I kinda miss Firefox, but what am i gonna do? sucks to suck.

You know you can apply that to any antifa member who wants disobey laws by resorting to violent means.

This is the nature of FLOSS, if you have the time and passion, why should you do what others say instead of what you want?

It’s conflictive, but it’s the truth.

Although i wouldn’t mind some right wing users being around, hate speech in disguise would be a problem.

Leftist people are not in any capacity perfect, quite the contrary, but at least there is more rejection of such values, thus creating a more inviting environment. Bigoted leftists are a problem as well, i hope the community doesn’t get carried away by those kinds of people.

Sort of? They will soon realize that things are different in here, but if we want to grow the community, we have to accept new users, in one way indiscriminately.

This, one instance wont be able to handle a massive amount of daily users, but the fediverse is designed with ahem… federation in mind.

Mastodon dot social is an example of when there is an over centralized instance, but lemmy ml, although centralizing it’s still relatively small.

I am among those people who think stalin wasn’t a hero, mao a genocide, and modern russia and china are oligarchies and dictatorships.

Some community members might disagree with me, but so far it’s been in a respectful way.

No, even they should, in the process you isolate them.

They could absorb the entire platform in the process, like the my little pony guys in some imageboards. The level of flood back then was sometimes unbearable.

Which makes absolute sense, congrats to the Masto project. Very successful so far, still waiting for a “groups” feature tho.

So i have not bought a GNU/Linux phone for several reasons, one of which is that neither the ecosystem nor the devices themselves seem to be mature enough to have a stable experience. To begin with, GTK3 is far from ideal on these devices, and many applications have not migrated to GTK4 which does take advantage of the GPUs... more or less. I don't know exacly what the status of the drivers is like, but i'd assume that the pinephone doesn't support vulkan. But i've heard that AMD and Samsung will collaborate to bring AMD RDNA2 GPU's to Samsung devices, which in my opinion, it's the game changer that we need. This is completely theoretical but we lose nothing by speculating. So AMD is great on x86 right? you have very powerful graphic cards compared to intel's which have open source drivers and implementations like intel, namely MESA with RADV, unlike Nvidia, a company that offers very powerful cards with closed source drivers. I'd assume that these new devices will be able to run a full GNU/Linux distro with open source drivers and all the subsequent tools. You would get finally a powerful device withouth compromising privacy from the software perspective. I understand that the kill switches are something unique that gives the Librem 5 and the Pinephone an advantage in terms of privacy, but using a real GNU/LInux distribution on a powerful and potentially popular device is a big deal. What are your thoughts on this?

So i've been playing some old RPG's, the First one was Final Fantasy 6 which i disliked, then i played Star Ocean, which i liked a lot, and now i've finished Breath of Fire. First i must say that this game is old, and it feels old, very old. It feels like a game that is aware of being in a more powerful console than the 8 bits NES, yet it still doesn't konw what a modern game is. First problem, there's no fast walk at all, you only have a slow walking speed. Over time you get used to it, but it's frustrating noneteless. The map, the world in general is quite massive in terms of space, with that walking speed it takes time to reach any place, eventually you get a spell that transports you to almost all towns, but that only makes the experience bearable. Well heres the tip, the map is divided in large yet isolated areas, and each area has at most 5 places to go. Yep, the map is for the most part, quite empty but at first it gives an entirely different impression. Another problem is NPCs and the events. The NPCs have this problem that, when a plot event is triggered **they only say what they have to say once**, just once, oh you forgot what it was? get fucked. My last complaint is the interface, is quite chaotic, i don't want to dive further into it, let's just say that most of the options exist, you just need to explore it. The spells UI is the worst part of all, you get many spells but not an option that explains what they do, their names don't help at all. Many old games have these types of problems, the difference between them and Breath of Fire is that Breath of Fire is a very ambicious game, you feel the impact of these problems much more than with other games. So after this session of complainig, the remaining question is, is this game worth at all? My personal response would be. **YES, totally**. First there is a GBA version that fixes the slow walking speed problem, unfortunately the music is worse considering that the GBA has worse hardware in that matter. So let's talk about the good points. The combat system is AMAZING, it's just entertaining and interesting to play, especially compared to Final Fantasy 6. There is much more strategy than FF6 althought the game is not that complex in terms of gameplay. The game is not easy, it has a moderate difficulty, it never resorts to overgrind in order to present a challenge, it's a fair game with a fair challenge, and i like it that way. The music is very good, unfortunately the last tracks are kinda generic, so it kinda falls short at the last quarter of the experience. Regardless of that, most of the overworld themes, the village theme, the shop theme and many others are nice as hell, it immerses you in the environment. The story is very entertaining and i actually cared. It's not nearly as good as FFVI but it has its own charm. Graphically this game is excellent, despite not showing as many large elements as FFVI, many places share a similar structure althought the desing is different. The enemy desings and the characther desings are fantastic. So to summarize. **Graphics: 8.7** **Battle System: 9.2** **Story: 6.7** **Music: 8.1** **Gameplay/game design: 5.4** So this game is a solid **7.62**, a good game indeed.

isn't it two waifus with swords as the next DLC for Smash Ultimate? As a Shulk main i cannot be more satisfied with this decision. I've noticed that Pyra has the killpower so she might be like the finisher or edgeguarder/ledgetrapper, while Mythra has the framedata while keeping the range, so she could be good for neutral and combos. I expect them to be top tier, not less, and to be bad online like Shulk is.

Predictions? I think Sora is not gonna make it, two square enix characters in a row doesn't seem to be appropriate and Disney is an annoying diva. Master chief is a slippery pick, that would conform 3 Microsoft characters, but on the other hand the new halo is approaching.

I played the game and these are my thoughts. Story is fantastic... For like 7 characters, the other ones are not that relevant. Music 10 out of 10. Graphics amazing, yeah, play your games with scalines or CRT effects if you're using emulators. And then the gameplay is like 3.5 out of 10, for many many reasons. First, the game isn't hard but they force you to overgrind. Since the game introduces so many characters and it wants to give all of them espers (what gives most of them magic) you have to grind each of the 14 characters. You get some of them very late and that's something... Well after that you'll realize that most of the magic is useless, it doesn't affect the bosses and the normal enemies die faster with normal attacks or the elemental magic. The combat system is boring and frustrating, and that's surprising considering that the game is easy. Some fights can last up to 1.5 minutes, and that doesn't look like much, but then you find the worst thing about the game. The random encounter enemy rate is ridiculously high, like mercilessly high, sometimes after ending a battle you will encounter an enemy after TWO steps. You cannot disable the random enemy encounter till the end of the game when you obtain molulus charm. And therefore if you want to explore throughout the game, it's gonna be hell. I wanted to play other final fantasy games, after finishing this one i decided to play star ocean for the snes and breath of fire, and God that's an improvement.

My first Pokemon game was emerald so I thought why not give the first gen remakes a try? Well now I want to finish the game but at the same time I don't think it's worth the investment. This is gonna be a long post xD. One of my absolute favorite Pokemon is Crobat. So I got an adamant Zubat, sludge bomb, aereal Ace, Shadow ball, that was the plan, at lv 42 my Golbat decided to finally evolve into a beautiful Crobat and then... he didn't evolved. Well it turns out he can't evolve into a Crobat because Crobat is a second gen evolution and this is the first gen remakes, I don't understand the logic behind it, actually he can evolve... when I end the game so professor Oak can give me the national Pokedex. I will fight blue without the Pokemon that I like for a ridiculous reason... So yeah, it's just one Pokémon right? It's not a big deal. I still can have starmie, and Alakazam, and Snorlax, and Gengar.... Well no, both Gengar and Alakazam evolve from trade, so an important part of my team now is destroyed. That hurts. Okey, let's just change the strategy, let's catch an adamant dugtrio. Getting an adamant arena trap digglet took me at least 50 digglets, it was true torture. Catching Pokemons with the nature that you want in this game takes a lot of time, it's cruel. In Emerald it took me just two Zubats to obtain an adamant Zubat, in this game I got at least 30+ Zubats in my final expedition to get the chosen one. Okay, finally a diggled adamant, now let's go for curselax! (Snorlax with curse). Snorlax doesn't learn curse so I need to breed a female Snorlax with a male slowpoke that only learns curse thanks to an NPC that appears at the final part of the game, female Snorlax appears only 12% of the time and the nature is another entire problem. Okey, several hours later a female Snorlax with a decent nature, I still need to travel to fourth island (I think?) and get the precious curse for my slowpoke. And then train the Snorlax baby from lvl5. This is going to take time... This is exausting, with other gens it's not like that, the premier Pokemons are not as impossible to get as it's in this generation. But it's not only that. I don't really feel encouraged to keep grinding, because the gym leaders barely have personality, the team Rocket is surprisingly disappointing, the game design is actually fine so that's the good part, and Blue is also an excellent rival. But I expected... kinda more, that genwunner meme is actually real, the first gen is not as good a the others and I don't feel nostalgia at all.