My first Pokemon game was emerald so I thought why not give the first gen remakes a try?

Well now I want to finish the game but at the same time I don’t think it’s worth the investment. This is gonna be a long post xD.

One of my absolute favorite Pokemon is Crobat. So I got an adamant Zubat, sludge bomb, aereal Ace, Shadow ball, that was the plan, at lv 42 my Golbat decided to finally evolve into a beautiful Crobat and then… he didn’t evolved.

Well it turns out he can’t evolve into a Crobat because Crobat is a second gen evolution and this is the first gen remakes, I don’t understand the logic behind it, actually he can evolve… when I end the game so professor Oak can give me the national Pokedex.

I will fight blue without the Pokemon that I like for a ridiculous reason…

So yeah, it’s just one Pokémon right? It’s not a big deal. I still can have starmie, and Alakazam, and Snorlax, and Gengar…

Well no, both Gengar and Alakazam evolve from trade, so an important part of my team now is destroyed. That hurts.

Okey, let’s just change the strategy, let’s catch an adamant dugtrio. Getting an adamant arena trap digglet took me at least 50 digglets, it was true torture. Catching Pokemons with the nature that you want in this game takes a lot of time, it’s cruel. In Emerald it took me just two Zubats to obtain an adamant Zubat, in this game I got at least 30+ Zubats in my final expedition to get the chosen one.

Okay, finally a diggled adamant, now let’s go for curselax! (Snorlax with curse). Snorlax doesn’t learn curse so I need to breed a female Snorlax with a male slowpoke that only learns curse thanks to an NPC that appears at the final part of the game, female Snorlax appears only 12% of the time and the nature is another entire problem. Okey, several hours later a female Snorlax with a decent nature, I still need to travel to fourth island (I think?) and get the precious curse for my slowpoke.

And then train the Snorlax baby from lvl5. This is going to take time…

This is exausting, with other gens it’s not like that, the premier Pokemons are not as impossible to get as it’s in this generation. But it’s not only that.

I don’t really feel encouraged to keep grinding, because the gym leaders barely have personality, the team Rocket is surprisingly disappointing, the game design is actually fine so that’s the good part, and Blue is also an excellent rival.

But I expected… kinda more, that genwunner meme is actually real, the first gen is not as good a the others and I don’t feel nostalgia at all.

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