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Well, yes, the solution I can see here is to build groups to fight physically the facists, fight the govs, fight the bosses! Fight in every way, everywhere, with anyone that can do it!

No prob bro, thank for the details!

Is there a place where every communities is listed?

Too bad it does not support group chat…

Hi, In my personal opinion, this is the best way to make democracy of people happend in dictatorship system, like in the USA or Europe. Very precise actions against politcians and corporations are the best way to fight them!


Thank for sharing The thing is that, is that easy to change the firmware, I only know the tool https://github.com/brandonlw/Psychson which seems to be too old… How did you change the firmware to be able to execute commands. Another question: at the end, the final usb have cable around? Or can look like a regular usb?

Well, yes, it would be nice from you! Can you tell me more about OpenPGP hardware tokens? Is that allow you to execute code?

Hi, I’m working on shool project for creating and using a evil usb to see if it’s still a thing. The thing I cannot find the right usb, because almost every models can’t be bought anymore…

Hi, Very good article, loved every links you use for source. Thank you for this job. My question is that I did not fully understand what we could do against the capitalist fist that is going to kill us, how to concretly seiez the digital means of production? Do you mean hacking corporations to destroy them? Mr Robot like?

For me, there is plenty of this kind of groups, with ecological ideas, but since they use mainstream system like google, they are indeed not trustable. I don’t feel like those kind of groups will e able at one time to make the difference. I follow their matrix chat, but there is not much interesting in there.

Revolution everywhere when COVID stops?

Hi fellow comrades, I’m not you, but I often dream of the end of the COVID19, and people jusr learned and decided to riot, create union, try to make a better society. …

Offensiv hacking against corporation

Hi all, I’m a c++ dev, looking for partners to prepare malwares to attack big corporation, whom the actions are destroying the nature. …

Pls Qubes il simply the best, just very ugly and hard to use

I cannot connect to https://hubs.mozilla.com/zWXK8U6/hispagatos. I say that my browser (tor) is not correct Here is the detail: details Media Devices unsupported Web Assembly supported Shorthand initializer syntax supported Spread syntax supported Optional catch syntax supported

Well, dude, I don’t know better method that buying a second phone with cash and a sim card…

Not really agree with previous post, it’s look very idealistic, and of course we need to inspire for what happen on the real, but I really thing some ideas, practices and ways to do thing can really improve the situation of the people. Many revolution started only from few people, and new technics and speak can really change the way of the class war.