What do you think about Fight for the Future?

I’ve seen The Internet Defense League is nos Fight for the Future. I’ve seen their page and I found it really interesting. Some privacy-focused companies like DuckDuckGo, Tron and a huge number of VPN companies have donated money to them. But something called my attention: they said they use Google Analytics (although it is opt-in) and all the forms and documents are hosted or powered by google. You’ve already known Google is a truly privacy-invasive company, so that’s the question: is FIght of the Future trustable?


For me, there is plenty of this kind of groups, with ecological ideas, but since they use mainstream system like google, they are indeed not trustable. I don’t feel like those kind of groups will e able at one time to make the difference. I follow their matrix chat, but there is not much interesting in there.


I thought the same. I send them an email asking for their google preference. If they answer me, I would let you know what they said! But they are already contradictory


I can imagine that when people live in the USA, and are using Android phones (without custom ROM), and are using Google Chrome on their desktops, on Chromebooks, it can be hard to think that Google Analytics is not the best ethical thing in the world. However, their Privacy Policy shows :

When you visit our websites, we may collect non-personally identifiable information through Google Analytics or Fathom.

Does Fight for the Future respect Do Not Track? You bet we do. If you aren’t aware, certain web browsers allow you to set your privacy preference to Do Not Track (DNT). We respect DNT signals, and when recognized do not load analytics.

So they claim to use Google Analytics or Fathom (The latter is said to be privacy-focused and ethical) and claim to respect Do Not Track when they can. I still find it weird that such Privacy Policies mention Non-personally identifiable information and Google Analytics in one sentence, since a browser fingerprint + ip address can also create a unique anchor to track someone but all in all this does not look too bad to me. Asking them for clarification sounds like a good idea.


I didn’t find anything weird in their privacy policy, but anyway, their message is contradictory. They said in the About Us page:

We fight for policy victories that make the biggest difference for the people who are most affected.

And yeah, you can implement Do Not Track and whatever, but what happen to people who don’t know it? In my country most people doesn’t even care about their digital privacy. We are not under CCPA or GDPR protection, I think if you know how nowadays works, you must know the privacy problem is not just DNT, and if you are using Google services you are necessarily giving money to them. I don’t know, i feel their message like the contradiction of Startpage, who built a search engine that protect your privacy but paying it to google…


And yeah, you can implement Do Not Track and whatever, but what happen to people who don’t know it?

Good point!


Off topic, but I’ve been wondering why ddg, out of all alternatives, is being featured as an option for Safari. If DDG, why not others?


Idk, i’ve never used apple products, but it could be related to 1. they are not going to use a browser developed by their competitors, Google in the cellphone market and Bing (Microsoft) in the computers one; and 2. their recent interest to respect privacy on their devices? That’s the things come up to my mind.

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