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I read Democracy At Work by Richard Wolff a decade ago. It’s way more lightweight than what you’re asking for, but it’s not a rah rah all-positive book. It lays out the problem of capitalist organization, and how employee ownership can solve problems for workers.

Also look into resources from

If you reach out to people in those organizations, they may have access to some more hardcore economic papers that you’re looking for.

Backend software developer (Go, C++)

Incredible that I played so many hours with such modest hardware. An amazing achievement. Rest in peace.

A world without capitalism doesn’t imply a world without responsibility or stress.

That said, “probation” and “multi-tier” employee categorizations as they exist now are fairly specific to our current mode of work, and specific to where you work, whether you have a union, what country you live in, etc.

But let’s flip this notion for a minute: as socialists we want to organize society in a way that give people the freedom to flourish and contribute. I think there will (and should) always be a job for you if you want it, under socialism.

In our current political climate, I advocate a jobs gurantee from the state to do obviously useful work.

I like to think of right vs left on the capitalist vs. anti-capitalist axis.

So, a socialist is further to the “left” than Joe Biden, but Joe Biden is slightly left of Ted Cruz (on this definition).

There is an occasional meme in the culture to jettison these terms because they’re vague. I still think the terms are useful, because it recognizes that our current situation is historical. Every current political phenomenon has historical antecedents, often centuries-old.

Of course, we also need to be careful not to split hairs, and use big obscure words, like some of us on “the Left” like to do. :) Clarifying what we’re talking about is always a useful exercise.

So, I still think “right” and “left” are useful terms.

Yeah, I fantasize about an e-ink laptop so I can code in the sun. :)

Nice, I’ll try that workaround!

update: the workaround you linked worked swimmingly. Thank you!

I understand the security implications, but they’re tolerable to me.

New user, question about flatpak

Hi! I’m new to LibreWolf. Giving it a try as my default browser on Pop OS 21.04 (soon to be 21.10). …