Hi! I’m new to LibreWolf. Giving it a try as my default browser on Pop OS 21.04 (soon to be 21.10).

It’s all great so far. I understand that there are times when I’ll want to use “regular” Firefox for my work or for Netflix or whatever. But a lot of sites work great, even with the defaults.

Now, my question:

I installed from flatpak, and xdg-open (or just clicking urls from my email client) doesn’t work. Here’s the error message I get after maybe 5 seconds.

Is this because I’m using flatpak? Or is this an ubuntu thing? Or is it a LibreWolf settings thing?

I’d be willing to build from source if that would fix this behavior. But I thought I’d ask first.


been told by the linux maintainer that this is an open issue since v94. he plans to fix it and he linked me to this -> https://gitlab.com/librewolf-community/browser/linux/-/issues/256#note_743484962


Nice, I’ll try that workaround!

update: the workaround you linked worked swimmingly. Thank you!

I understand the security implications, but they’re tolerable to me.

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