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Cool, so he doesn’t mind if people order DIY HRT online? It’s apparently not the govt’s business after all…

It seems like most activitypub apps have a goal of connecting with masto for visibility, but a lot don’t get that far because of development time.

Probably Theory of Value and Debt

The comparison to city infrastructure feels a lot like fedi projects. ActivityPub is the network of streets and masto, lemmy, etc are the construction companies for all the buildings on those streets.

Closed source projects feel clumsy in this metaphor because they are so heavily gated to preserve their surveillance potential.

Masto has a feature where you can verify a link to an external site on your profile. So if I, for example, put a link to my lemmy profile on mastodon and vice versa could lemmy recognize the link as ‘mine’?

IPFS works similarly to webtorrent. However IPFS is working on a system to incentivize seeding via filecoin.

Devs: Openly communist

Libs: Wouldn’t it be better you guys tried to be a bit more like redditors? 🤔

If people want to access lemmy conveniently, their first stop is going to be the play store. Only super nerdy people are going to get lemmur off fdroid and almost nobody is going to try and put something from git on their phone. I’m confused as to how this situation arose where a closed source app by an unrecognized dev became the primary means to use lemmy on android devices.

I mean, you can use a browser but that limits your audience to people who aren’t annoyed by that limitation.

So…lemmy-ui isnt on the play store or fdroid but a fake is?

Here comes the struggle session!

Orisha Land is an autonomous zone that has popped up in Austin, TX. It was established in response to the murder of Jordan Walton, but with the goal of providing aid to the community’s unhoused population. I thought seeing another CHAZ-like community pop up so soon is a bit unexpected but it’s excit…

Chapochat has already been attempting this for several weeks, and the subreddit was fairly successful at drawing in people before they got banned. When fighting platform lock-in you have to make the alternatives look like a more fun and interesting place to be in than the corporate walled garden. I remember recently masto had a wave of instagram migrants who left the platform within days because they weren’t getting hundreds of likes on their art selfies.

Imo Lemmy could do more to make people talk to eachother. A lot of posts on the Active TL are just links with no comments, like the most boring parts of reddit. You have to actively search for conversation. I’m really enjoying this app, but I think the color scheme for block quotes is hard to read. On my screen it’s white text on a light blue background and the values look very close.

Thank you for making this and putting it on fdroid!

Maximizing personal liberty at the cost of social relationships is the domain of libertarianism.

Anarchists align with socialists because we recognize that power and humanity lie in community. What we seek is self government or minimal government without the involvement of the upper classes whose personal interests lie in driving wedges into communities and isolating the poor to make them vulnerable to capital.

My personal experience is that there is strength in loving your comrades and loving humanity, giving you something to fight for. A lot of historical and present day anarchists practiced free love or polyamory for similar reasons. But I know many people would disagree with that particular assessment because they think one should do what is right for the sake of it. I’m just not that self-assured by myself.

Does this also apply to postgresql? That’s the default recommended for vanilla masto.

Every Rose Has Its Thorn -

Saw this on masto. I think this sort of discourse should be discussed more in online leftist spaces. I’ve seen pretty frequently that communities tend to struggle with class reductionism that quickly alienates minorities in the movement, including me personally. …

I think the per-server nature of it is key. Maybe at most trusting lists from servers the admin explicitly approves. If this were universal nazis would game it with bots.

Regarding everyone here talking about masto: most masto users don’t even know lemmy exists, but it feels like there is some demand. I think lemmy could get a boost by being a bit more vocal on masto.

In sixteen hundred seven
We sail the open sea
For glory, God, and gold
And The Virginia Company

For the New World is like heaven
And we'll all be rich and free
Or so we have been told
By The Virginia Company