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The thing about pantheon is it goes way too much from accepted UI. Like OS key should do something like launch apps or search or power button. Nope, shortcut docs.

Yeah not defending apple as a company, just saying the product is consistent.

It’s just gross at this point, thankfully there’s not much product so I can boycott them.

BBC does have bias, but that does not mean they make up Uyghur genocide and the cultural dissemination of the Uyghur people.

It instantly moves down in comments though

I like how both the most rightwing and leftwing news outlet mentioned here is labelled conspiracy sites on Wikipedia, example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swiss_Policy_Research

Given intercept: https://theintercept.com/search/?s=china A news site exposing the US hegemony, also have well written article on Uyghur discrimination to genocide. I think the ban wasn’t justified.

Let’s just accept that all government are evil and the evilness grows proportional to their power.

Australia legalizes hacking!

Don’t get me started on country heads posting on twitter while twitter being throttled, then there’s all the other sites they use and block at the same time.

USA blocks torrent sites and CIA criticism, Russia wants everything logged, China downgrades your traffic to TLS1.2, India wants “Indian variant” phrase banned, Germany enforcing netdz, UK literally wants to stalk your child by breaking IM encryption…

Doge Photo editor Also both the forks and original is so bad. Comparatively inkscape is much more usable as a illustrator replacement

UFA? But then again only usable for few sites compared to thousands of OTP client passes

Everyone seems to be posting archived URLs, I prefer original one with the archived one in description

Original article, yes!

Everytime I try to use torrent I remember being behind NAT, having to deal with ports and stuff. Everytime I use online cloud stuff they give me a limit and monitor for copyright. Onionshare though even as slow as it is, lets you just share my file. Like I just want to send this file!..

This link is mainly to show that when the western Big Pharma is resisting patent give up, Russia and China are reaping benefit. While the gov showed interest in Russian Vaccine they initially didn’t show interest for Chinese one because of no recommendation from WHO. Keep your patent or not, like E…

The writer has more great addon like web archive. But this is an even greater addon. …

Question: What extensions do you use with PopOS

I know people add at least a few extension to PopOS. So, what are yours?..