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Yep I’ve just been playing CrossCode
can confirm.
I wish there was less shovelware so I could find all the good games without having to wade through endless pages

Itch.io video game bundle for Ukraine
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/188331 > Get *Celeste*, *Baba is You*, *A Short Hike*, *Minit* and many other indie games while supporting charity.
Itch.io video game bundle for Ukraine

Mathematics adds up

There’s a skeleton inside you

(note: I linked to the Open Rights Group page on this, who are a great organisation) Britons should watch out for the "Online Safety Bill", which threatens their (and potentially everyone else's) privacy, security/safety and free speech with backdoors, surveillance and censorship. See the anti-E2EE campaign here: https://www.noplacetohide.org.uk/

Stories: Undertale, The Stanley Parable
Repetitive games: Loop Hero, Dicey Dungeons
Puzzles: Antichamber, Portal
Mindustry, Hollow Knight
I’ve probably forgotten some other good ones.

My weirdest irrational fear is having something important like a phone fly out of a barely open window while in a moving vehicle - I sometimes have cartoon logic.

I saw a physics question once that ended with: “For the purposes of this exercise assume the Earth is flat.”

If you just start walking, eventually you’ll bump into someone.

It’s christmas time in Veloren

> This week, we hear about the plans for the upcoming Christmas holiday week.

> This week, we have a new episode of the Veloren Reading Club out. We also see some experiments with the new site system, and current work on ability selection. @Dalyc is also back with another devblog recap!

> This week, we hear about changes being made to dungeon difficulty. We also dive into how skill persistence is being changed. Finally, we learn about some proposed changes to the Site2 system, and the addition of giant mushrooms!

> This week, we hear about some changes to the textures of dropped items. We also see into how some concept art for larger cities in Veloren is being created.

> Hats were merged this week, and the server hosting section of The Book was updated.

> This week, we hear about improvements that are being made to the stealth system. Worldgen is also getting some work done.

With punctuation and numbers (2mins):

Without (30secs):


I think these are hand-picked

Tails shouldn’t affect matrix messaging other than the session always being temporary/amnesic (which I would find tedious).

Given Tails doesn’t come with a matrix messenger either use a matrix client in the browser (eg. element web) or install a matrix client (instructions for installing additional software on Tails).
I’ve not used persistent storage but perhaps it can be used for remembering matrix sessions (?).

If you are okay with other messengers, Tails includes the Pidgin messenger which can connect to XMPP and use OTR encryption. Tails also includes OnionShare which can also be used for messaging over Tor (I don’t know whether the included version supports that).

Youtube still has pretty much everything unfortunately - there’s not yet a proper alternative for content (depending on what you want). I use Newpipe and Freetube to watch it (I would use RSS with mpv if I didn’t have so many subscriptions).

PeerTube isn’t a replacement but it’s a fascinating alternative with some good channels/instances.

In addition to the other LBRY/Odysee comments, see this recent news: https://odysee.com/@lbry:3f/lbryandodyseeevolving:7 (Odysee might not/probably won’t be open source in the future)

May Evil Track All

The BitTorrent sharing is done in the browser so if you have the option (My settings > Video settings > Help share videos being played) turned off or WebRTC turned off (including Tor Browser) or are using other methods to watch videos on peertube (eg. downloading) it shouldn’t be torrenting anyway. Issues with BitTorrent with Tor also apply here if enabled.

Read: https://framatube.org/about/peertube#privacy

Also watching videos will probably be quite slow over Tor, so I wouldn’t recommend it. Perhaps you could use a VPN instead, although I don’t know your threat model.

The dystopia is already creeping in

Imagine a future without access to knowledge... https://wayforward.archive.org/ia2046/

Since that’s a myth the analogy goes deeper

If we keep repeating this question I think that’d make us lemmings, which is my preference.

maybe PeerTube (or Framasoft in general)

There’s also lots of organisations/projects to donate to on https://opencollective.com/discover?show=open+source

Books from the bookstore.

I use a Starlabs Star Lite Mk III and I put Linux Mint Debian Edition on it.

yeh if you want flathub apps in the appcenter you need to go to flathub.org, download an app from there and you can choose the option to show other flathub apps (although it took a while for me)

That’s cool - what do the different colours mean?
interesting that it calls lemmy users “lemmies”

toRational ThoughtLessWrong

Thanks for all your help, I’ve settled on Mataroa

What’s the best platform for blogging?
I've heard of writefreely and plume, but is there anything else? I want something simple, open source, privacy-respecting and supporting RSS.

Bedrock Linux
> a meta Linux distribution which allows users to mix-and-match components from other, typically incompatible distributions

huh you can restore deleted messages
Wait if your account gets hacked? Then your deleted comments can be restored.

is good Also available on Gemini at gemini://gem.chriswere.uk/trendytalk/ and youtube probably. > Trendy Talk is an often gemini-centric punk as heck pseudo-podcast from the Internet's ChrisWere, Uoou and HexDSL. It has no schedule, no theme and no format to follow. It may however be the best gemini podcast on the whole smol-internet. So you are welcome.

How to install Linux instead of Windows 11 - Linus Tech Tips
> Windows 11 is about to make a lot of people feel left behind, but there’s one operating system that’s recently been getting better and better for new and old hardware…

DistroTest - online OS tester
I just found this. Information is quite limited.

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/71579 > > This week, we get an in-depth view into what was required for the wgpu integration. We see some changes to econsim, performance, and caves.