The streaming platform is interested in extracting data points like emotional state, gender, age, and accent to hone its recommendations

Aside from the main privacy issue, it’s also stupid that this can be patented.


Does anyone know of some ethical alternatives to Spotify? I saw this video which kinda tampered my interest in the whole streaming ecosystem right now. I know there’s Bandcamp, and Resonate; both seem pretty cool, but their music selection is pretty limited.

I have no problem paying for music, but I want as much of my money as possible to go to the artist.

EDIT: After an hour or so of searching, from most profitable for the band to least = Buy CD / merch from shows & concerts > buy music from band’s website > buy music from Bandcamp > buy MP3 from Google / Amazon / Apple > stream music.


I think the best way is to buy MP3 files and play them on an open source player.


I just took away mic permissions from it and it doesn’t want to log in anymore.


That should be everyone’s cue to uninstall and cancel the paid account. In the end, only profit matters to them so that’s the only way to send a message.

This along with the pay to be recommended scheme has extinguished any interest of moving to spotify anymore.


“to hone its recommendations” and probably its ads…


I just use HiBy player app, internet shut off for the best audio quality as well as privacy. My music stays offline. (The player app is not open source but nothing in the world beats it for an offline app.)

Cconsifrring buying a dedicated HiBy R2 or R3 PMP.

Glad I never had a subscription with them, ever. But I still do use their app often, unfortunately.

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