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“to hone its recommendations” and probably its ads…

thanks for reminding me of the details.

did they not go after Mastodon apps last year? For a company behind Chrome, you would expect they understand that the software is not responsible for the content that can be accessed (as I assume that’s the issue)

From an advertiser’s point of view, the question is “where to spend money to get the best return”. If Facebook has to deal with better privacy rules/laws, then all of Facebook competitors are in the same boat. So for the advertisers things like familiarity with the platform, pricing or reach will still matter. It makes me think that advertisers will keep spending money with Facebook, because it will still be a way to get a lot of people to see ads and click on them.

“CPMs on Audience Network would go down by 50% without the ability to run personalized advertising”…

Some French newspapers, usually left leaning, use the adjective “états-unien(e)” instead of “américain(e)”

thanks. I had hoped there was a “plug and play” solution. I think I’ll keep it separate

Fediverse project and subdomains

Hi all, Still trying to get my head around the way different projects work together in the fediverse…