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at least there’s a way to deal with that


but yeah, that’s gonna affect the regular user much more

Maybe Papers, Please??? But that one goes the “oh no totalitarian soviet government bad people poor” route, so yeah, there’s that…

Hope I can one day see proper NVIDIA support for it. Wayland seems like such a promising project.

Glad I never had a subscription with them, ever. But I still do use their app often, unfortunately.

Probably the first Portal. It’s one of the first games I had on PC that I didn’t pirate (technically the first, but I bought like 5 of them at once, so…), and it’s also the one that got me into the idea of recording and editing gameplay, which basically got me started into the path of the job I have today, even if it’s not directly related by it.

And it still holds up, that’s what’s the most amazing part of it. There’s been alrady 8 years since I played it and it’s still a simple, amazing game. Where the sequel went for a more flashy and film-esque approach to its story, this first game gets the mood way more, in my opinion.

I mean, that’s a given, people spent decades dealing with a free* (with free in cost) web, unknowingly being the product for all this time. Only a small share of users would be okay with having to deal with costs to use a service they once had for free.