Delete all the TERF stuff

Harry brings a gun to his first year of Hogwarts, shoots Voldemort. Series ends.

Harry takes Hermoine’s time changer thingy, goes back in time and kills Voldemort as a child, and brings everyone he killed back to life.

That Hary Potter is gay


Dumbledor has first year students polish his wand for house points. Everyone knows this, but it’s the one story Rita Skeeter doesn’t put in her column.


I’d announce a follow-up series featuring George Weasley turning new Dark Lord to revive his brother and make the world a more “entertaining” (add Joker laughter here) place.

Alternatively I’d highlight that HPMOR has the much better storyline. Haters gonna hate, everyone else will fall for it. And never shall you read the original Harry Potter with your naive eyes again.


Dumbledore is actually a Hufflepuff as is hinted by his years-long masterplan for Harry. He rewrote history about him being a Gryffindor for deception.

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