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I bought a new Thinkpad T480s. I threw a few distros at it. Settled on Manjaro. Manjaro works 100% All buttons, suspend on close (unlike my old Slackware installs), audio, webcam, the works.

The only thing that isn’t supported (yet) is the fingerprint reader for logging in. There is fix available for CPU throttling I had to install. But that is very simple to do.

Alastair Reynolds’ “Revelation Space” books are quite cool. Dragonlance holds a place in my heart too.

I have fond memories of Krynn from the early nineties. I ran a few player through the world again about 13 years ago.

Dumbledor has first year students polish his wand for house points. Everyone knows this, but it’s the one story Rita Skeeter doesn’t put in her column.

I have a dumb phone for calls, and to whip our when people want to try and force me to use “mobile” services. TL;DR I’m annoying.