My name’s Jeremy. I have hair on my balls, and I use Linux.

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My brain first read “country singer” instead of “country leader” and I was like - “What an odd choice of people to detain in a coup.” I reread it and realized that I’m a fucking moron.

Harry brings a gun to his first year of Hogwarts, shoots Voldemort. Series ends.

The title of the video may seem a bit presumptuous, but the content of the video itself is extremely useful

We’re just arguing on a miscommunication, there’s no real difference in our intended outcome. Hope you have a good day man.

Perhaps he falls into that other 10%? That’s still 1 in 10. Though that’s obviously not accurate.

No they’re not the same as Windows, and some people don’t have the financial option of buying a system specifically for Linux - they have what they have and need to make it work.

I needed to download wifi drivers for my first Linux install. Sometimes it happens. No need to mislead the poor guy.

How is that simplified at all? Sometimes you need to download drivers.

Yo. Who sells you your crack? I want some. Of course there’s drivers in Linux.

Do you have Ethernet access?