How can you decide what the most popular coding language is? It’s like trying to pick the most popular ice cream flavor - everyone has a favorite. The truth


The great thing about Python is that it’s written with the developer experience in mind. In practical terms, this means it reads like English – easy especially for people with no coding background to pick up.

Those two sentences seem to be at complete odds to me. Code isn’t plain English, no matter how hard you try. There’s concepts that don’t exist in plain English and for which we have come up with separate ways of encoding them (e.g. braces for scopes). Throwing those away so that non-developers feel like they’re reading plain English does not improve the experience for developers.


Indeed, I never felt like Python was like “plain English” at all, it’s just a language with less special characters like &&, etc. In fact, If you wanted English, you’d be better off with a language like Rockstar instead.


Yeah, I didn’t even want to get started on how non-plain-English Python can be.

Things like __init__(), _private_method() and all of the abbreviations that are so common in Python, that just doesn’t read nicely, neither in plain English nor in code.


Also, what about the developer experience in python is good? All my experiences with Python so far have been that you’d rather use a sane language with a proper ecosystem, not the inconsistency that is Python with the mess that is pypi.


Yeah, I haven’t had a good experience with it yet either. I guess, if all you’re writing are scripts with <100 lines of code and 0-2 dependencies, then the non-Python options (JavaScript, Go, Lua, Groovy) aren’t terribly better either.

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