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GitLab was known to be a resource hog not too long ago. I cannot comment on its current state, as I don’t use it, but someone I know has to maintain an instance with a few developers and they have a cronjob to kill the system and reboot it every once in a while because GitLab eats the system if not restarted every once in a while…

Honestly, I doubt that will happen this or next year. There are already voices mentioning 2024. And we all know that actually means that there will be at least one election before that, because they will delay it further then. And if the conservatives (CDU) get elected the next time, the legalization just won’t happen.

We have the saying here that everything that happens in the US will be here in Germany about 10 years later.

Waiting for that sweet civil war in the US … /s

Hitler war bestimmt auch Fan von Butterbrot.

Sollte man auch verbieten!

Things that nobody asked for are finally happening? Nice.

But still, discourse is a closed community and they’re adding even more functionality that results in a closed community. Why not embrace Matrix and activitypub?

Und warum sollte dann irgendjemand mehr als 99,9 Millionen im Jahr verdienen wollen? Dann verdient ganz einfach die Frau, die Tochter, der Schwiegersohn nochmal n paar Millionen…

Und warum 100 Millionen? Das ist ja eine Zufällig gewählte Zahl! Da kann man auch 1 Millionen nehmen. Oder 100k…

MIt solchen Regelungen macht man mehr kaputt als man Nutzen erzeugt.

Mein Traum wäre es wenn 42% erst deutlich später anfallen, der Reichensteuersatz aber nochmal angehoben wird. Von mir aus 50% dort wo er gerade 46% ist, und danach gerne noch weiter hoch auf 60/70/???.

Wann denn?

Und ab wann willst du den Leuten mehr als die Hälfte ihres Einkommens weg nehmen?

So you’re telling me that everyone is burdening themselves with more work instead of focusing on what they are good at and is even happy with that?

All I read there is that flatpak was made so that developers can do badly what would be the job of the distro maintainers and is not the job of the developer in the first place.

Author here. Thanks for posting.

I might come up with another of these posts soon “I hate squash merges” :-P

All these “new kids on the block” like snap, flatpak and this other thing are complete crap. Distro maintainers just don’t want to do their job anymore and roll off the effort so that devs have to do it.

Luckily I use a proper distro without these bullshit “app solutions”!

That joke is so 1990.

You don’t seem to be a developer :)

I have been a developer for over 10 years now.

If you mix them with general discussions your entire project cycle management system breaks as you can’t have clear milestones etc. with forever open “issues” that are not issues but discussions.

I don’t see why an issue must be assigned to a milestone, so I don’t see how an issue can break any lifecycle.

An issues is usually a bug report or similar

Usually? And when it is not?

See, I don’t see any reasons why a feature discussion shouldn’t be an issue. “Issue” is just a fancy name for “Discussion”, isn’t it? So basically, these are all some kind of linear or tree-style discussion of some specific topic. There’s nothing more to it, is there?

So I don’t see why they should be seperate at all. Differentiation can be done via tags, labels, … or whatever you’d like to call it. That’s there already of course.

Maintaining a distro is a huge task

As someone who packaged software for a living for almost three years, I cannot agree more. Even though it was just some packages for something like 10 different distros, not a full maintainership for a distro!

Timetagger open source time tracking application
Just found this and am wondering if anyone has some experiences to share...

Welcome to /c/techno
Hi, I am the moderator of /c/techno! Feel free to ask questions here! I guess I will update this post with posting rules and so on... we'll see!

Does anyone here run lemmy on their nixos server?
Does anyone here use to run lemmy on their nixos server? If yes, what are your experiences with it? What other services do you run?

How to follow a lemmy user from mastodon?
So I tried to follow myself from @musicmatze[]( here, but I somehow need to approve the follow request on the lemmy side... but I don't see how I can do this... Can someone help me? 🤣

> Bislang gibt es in Deutschland keine Impflicht. Doch: Gibt es mittlerweile eine moralische Verpflichtung, sich impfen zu lassen, um andere zu schützen und die Überlastung des Gesundheitssystems zu verhindern? Was Markus und Richard nach einer ereignisreichen Woche zu dieser und weiteren Fragen durch den Kopf geht, erfahrt Ihr in dieser Ausgabe.