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Four of these are not unique to zsh, actually three of them are not even unique to shells, but are simply packages you install on your box. So… Meh!

Not yet, because nheko just works :-)

Also ich hab jetzt keine sonderliche Mehrbelastung bemerkt als ich die Tage unterwegs war - wo bist du denn so unterwegs?

I’m on Linux using nheko. Works great. I’m using kde, so that’s why I use nheko over fractal.

They can say what they want… neovim is the best (and only) replacement for vim. 🤣

…with a new scripting language that isn’t LUA, isn’t taken from a project that already implemented one (neovim), but is very much invented here.

I can only shake my head.

I fully agree… Unfortunately sometimes it is not possible to have commandline merges, because that would mean that someone has push access… But for some projects that’s not possible, especially if two parties work on the same Project and some form of automation is in place (for example Bors/ a merge bot).

And of course the next minister in this position will reverse that change as soon as possible because of some bullshit reason they pull out of their asses.

Fun! Because I once claimed that I am too dumb for anything else than Rust… I am definitively way to dumb for Go, because the compiler just won’t care when I mess up. Interesting that there’s these different perceptions…

I think, and this is by no means intended to be disrespectful, golang attracts a lot of programmers that do not want to learn a lot of things. They just want to write something down and it be fast, they don’t mind edgecases, security bugs, performance bottlenecks and all that stuff. A JS dev that was called “scriptkiddie” some years ago might now be a go developer.

And there’s nothing wrong with that, IMO… What bugs me all the time though is that they claim that golang is the superior language and should be used for allthethings^tm. It should definitively not.

On the other hand, I don’t claim that Rust should be used for all the things (I sometimes claim for the memes, to be honest, but that’s not too serious). It definitively has a learning curve and sometimes writing down your 50 LOC of Ruby/Python/Bash might be a better choice. But (as the tagline once was), Rust is good when it matters. And it matters often (IMO).

Nooo. Cantata has been my favourite client of all times (even though I started as CLI/TUI Person …) Really sad to see it go. :-(

Maybe a few days of slow down, but possibly not even that. Greg KH will take over as he already does when Linus is on vacation, maybe a bit slowdown for a few days until it is officially decided (although I don’t know who it would be up to decide such a thing, actually).

Im not sure whether this is irony… But in case it Is not, you should definitely search for the comments Torvalds had on C++ for the kernel… Because they are very good (although of course a bit rant-y).

IMO the solution would be the permanent web (read: IPFS), but with some discoverability added on top.

Only rust-analyzer because I only work in rust (thankfully)

I think discord is the worst of all solutions out there that I’ve tried so far. It’s UI/UX is absolute shit compared to matrix for example. It is closed source and a hostile environment and I can absolutely not understand it why people use it, especially in the floss development ecosystem.

I love tig as a viewer, but I don’t understand why people want these tools for working with a git repository. git itself has everything one needs, there’s no benefit in using another tool for committing and so on…

Timetagger open source time tracking application
Just found this and am wondering if anyone has some experiences to share...

Welcome to /c/techno
Hi, I am the moderator of /c/techno! Feel free to ask questions here! I guess I will update this post with posting rules and so on... we'll see!

Does anyone here run lemmy on their nixos server?
Does anyone here use to run lemmy on their nixos server? If yes, what are your experiences with it? What other services do you run?

How to follow a lemmy user from mastodon?
So I tried to follow myself from @musicmatze[]( here, but I somehow need to approve the follow request on the lemmy side... but I don't see how I can do this... Can someone help me? 🤣

> Bislang gibt es in Deutschland keine Impflicht. Doch: Gibt es mittlerweile eine moralische Verpflichtung, sich impfen zu lassen, um andere zu schützen und die Überlastung des Gesundheitssystems zu verhindern? Was Markus und Richard nach einer ereignisreichen Woche zu dieser und weiteren Fragen durch den Kopf geht, erfahrt Ihr in dieser Ausgabe.