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You are in Switzerland and Iceland at the same time?

May I ask where you’re from? In my part of the world that’s basically unheard of!

Most people do not care about good commit messages, proper community organization or working in a clean way that scales (thinking of the NixOS community here).

yeah, well that’s true :D But what I mean is real distribution. Every client is a Server (think IPFS, or scuttlebutt fwiw).

That’s not distributed if there are servers involved.

This is absolutely true, but expected.

One of the reasons why I see federation only as a stepping stone. The real deal is not a federated system, but a distributed one, and I hope I will live to see one becoming mainstream. Ah, and I hope it is not scuttlebutt … but that’s another question, right? :D

Also, what about the developer experience in python is good? All my experiences with Python so far have been that you’d rather use a sane language with a proper ecosystem, not the inconsistency that is Python with the mess that is pypi.

it even gets things wrong, because the pipe is not a command.

Fdroid would be really cool, as it is the only appstore I’m using.