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They dropped support because systemd is superior.

That’s true of course, but I’m not quite sure whether this would be legal (IANAL, ofc).

I hope there will be soon licenses that forbid these kind of abusive actions.

Time to delete all github repos. I did this with my sources and I don’t want to go back.

Germany, 35€ incl. tax for 200 Mbit down, 15 up. My hourly monitoring scripts report 90~105% of that speed available.

basically because it does things different than other init systems before. It has another philosophy and people don’t like change.

That’s basically it. There have been some issues with bugs not being fixed or even acknowledged, but nothing that concerns the casual user at all (IMHO).

Distributed social network based on IPFS/IPLD.

You are in Switzerland and Iceland at the same time?

May I ask where you’re from? In my part of the world that’s basically unheard of!

Most people do not care about good commit messages, proper community organization or working in a clean way that scales (thinking of the NixOS community here).

yeah, well that’s true :D But what I mean is real distribution. Every client is a Server (think IPFS, or scuttlebutt fwiw).

That’s not distributed if there are servers involved.

This is absolutely true, but expected.

One of the reasons why I see federation only as a stepping stone. The real deal is not a federated system, but a distributed one, and I hope I will live to see one becoming mainstream. Ah, and I hope it is not scuttlebutt … but that’s another question, right? :D

Also, what about the developer experience in python is good? All my experiences with Python so far have been that you’d rather use a sane language with a proper ecosystem, not the inconsistency that is Python with the mess that is pypi.

it even gets things wrong, because the pipe is not a command.

Fdroid would be really cool, as it is the only appstore I’m using.

That would be really cool.