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Depends on what you define as “beautiful” doesn’t it? I mean… some find LISP-likes nice, others think Haskell is nice, others think Ruby is. IMO just a matter of personal taste!

Awesome! This goes to my list of readworthy git articles that I use when people ask me how to do things with git! ❤️

I am not in favour of these flatpacks/snaps or whatever these things are called. Packages should be distro packages, always. And the vendor of the software should never be responsible of packaging, thats literally the job of the distribution.

Good news on one side (10k for OBS) and bad news on the other side. 😂

(Just to mention it:) writefreely only publishes articles via Activitypub but does not have a way to view replies on an article (yet?).

I have a writefreely instance for myself and like it. I would like a static site generator much more, because I can edit and view my blog offline, but I like that writefreely uses Activitypub and I wanted to have that explicitly, so here we are.

It does it’s job though and is usable for me. I normally prepare articles in a markdown Editor offline and just copy them into the web editor.

Timetagger open source time tracking application

Just found this and am wondering if anyone has some experiences to share…

If one wants to nerd about genres, has to be mentioned!

Yes! I fully agree! Feel free to post more technoish stuff! The borders are of course fluent in music, so I hope you’re not too offended. I hope this sub will be a healthy nice place where we can share nice Techno-Style music, whatever the actual definition of techno is! But yes, I agree that the stuff I already posted might not fully be in the category “techno” and more into the general “electronic music” stuff.

We should ask them to stay away from Linux, this BS they’re pulling only hurts the Linux community!

Really nice tool, I am maintaining the nixpkgs package! I really like toot!

Welcome to /c/techno

Hi, …

okay, thanks for the fast reply. Is there a technical reason why this isn’t possible?

How to follow a lemmy user from mastodon?

So I tried to follow myself from here, but I somehow need to approve the follow request on the lemmy side… but I don’t see how I can do this… …

Würde mich ehrlich gesagt wundern! Also in dem Podcast zumindest nicht…

Bislang gibt es in Deutschland keine Impflicht. Doch: Gibt es mittlerweile eine moralische Verpflichtung, sich impfen zu lassen, um andere zu schützen und die Überlastung des Gesundheitssystems zu verhindern? Was Markus und Richard nach einer ereignisreichen Woche zu dieser und weiteren Fragen dur…

Think of all the old people that do not know how to use a smartphone and don’t want one …

SMS as 2FA is not allowed anymore in the EU starting some time in 2022, IIRC. Not 100% sure though.

Do you know a good QT tutorial? Or even better, a KDE tutorial? Because I don’t know one and would like to play with writing a QT app for my KDE desktop… C++ is not the issue (although I’m not a Cpp programmer), but finding tutorials for Qt and KDE frameworks is …

It works fine for you, as you said. So no need to switch, right?

I am a Linux power user for over 10 years, used tiling window managers most of the time but switched to KDE Plasma about two years ago and am completely happy with it.

My advice: if you’re happy, there’s no need to change anything!

AFAIK the other option as second factor is a tan generator that one has to buy. I don’t know of any bank in Germany that has another second factor or will provide one in the future

It’s an EU norm, not yet unforced AFAIK, but mobileTAN will be removed anytime soon. My bank(s) removed it mid 2021 and introduced mandatory apps or TAN generator.