What's your go-to Invidious instance?

Now that invidio.us is no longer up, which third party instance have you switched to, and do you personally trust it to respect your privacy?

https://invidiou.site and https://invidious.snopyta.org are the ones that work most for me


I need this too, the snopyta one seems to be down pretty often for me.


Whenever https://invidious.snopyta.org/ doesn’t work, I use https://yewtu.be/ as my fallback.

I use YoutTube on desktop except if some video is unjustly categorised as aged restricted and NewPipe on Android, I’m trying to use FreeTube but they still don’t support Flatpak and I’m too lazy to download all new updates again and again.


FreeTube absolutely supports Flatpak. In fact, v0.9.3 was released yesterday and is already on Flathub. I think they’ve been supporting it on Flatpak since the v0.9.0 rewrite.

Oh, cool, last time I heard, and it wasn’t that long ago, the main dev didn’t know how to do it themselves and this was done by someone else which caused the Flathub version to be outdated.


Yeah that was the case at first but the dev has taken over responsibility of the Flathub version and officially supports it since the rewrite. They’re pretty active on the Matrix room so definitely join it if you ever have questions.


This is my setup as well, though I bounce between YouTube and Freetube depending on my battery needs.

I will still try Invidious but don’t have expectations of it working each time - Ive started to try and find what content I can on LBRY (Odyssey) instead so I can leave YouTube mostly behind for certain channels.

Yeah, I don’t think any of those alternatives will have all the content I see except for a few channels, or maybe if someone is uploading someone else’s content illegally, which I don’t care but thos probably brings up other issues.


i use that one when snopyta is not working FDN

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