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Just a quick reminder for Android users, using the guide below should help a bit if you need to have any of these apps installed at all (as far as info the apps grab from your device) - https://lemmy.ml/post/54596

Looking at the comments on the teddit thread I cant say Ive had issues with speed on OsmAnd but like the look of this all the same (and find the search option easier too). Thanks for sharing it!

I havent seen more than a list of eligible devices and a general timeframe like the above article describes.

Some sources stated that it’s only for the ALS models (Chinese) and that others arent getting the update due to not being sold in China. I’d assume that someone will find a way to opt-in early on said devices (maybe through their desktop update tool or changing regions) but I couldnt locate a nice list with dates and models for outside of China.

The closest I’ve seen is this one:


Really liked this, there’s a lot of Ring doorbells around my area so even without some of the other tech mentioned it still felt pretty relevant.

Between this and the shipping table at Purism (the new changes after the Librem 5 USA post) Linux phones are stepping up when it comes to inventory it seems.

Something like this would have been great for Braveheart and/or the first two OS themed releases.

Ive got a lot of thoughts on these two posts, and am not sure how to articulate them all.

I don’t feel like the point of the project was to be a private YouTube alternative but rather one that avoided take downs and censorship (though the added benefit of not being Google was a plus). This doesn’t excuse the privacy policy, and it would be nice to see it updated if it is indeed something that keeps users away.

I also don’t think Peertube makes it as easy for an existing YouTube creator to port their videos over - the ease of use has seen some larger channels (Louis Rossman comes to mind) use LBRY where I don’t believe they would have other wise.

This part is preference, I find the player (loading) and look (UI, layout) of LBRY to be better than Peertube when sharing with non-tech/privacy focused friends/family/forums (instances also make this area murky). Those users wont use a VPN and/or TOR for anything, so the recommendation to protect their IP address will flat (as does the concern of being a US company).

Those points aside Im glad someone is doing deep dives on policies, even if I don’t think this particular site tried to be a bastion of privacy in the first place it’s nice to have a plain language look at things. I’ll consider looking at Peertube when sharing links when possible but am still glad that LBRY is a thing in the meantime.

It’s not exactly what you’re looking for but here’s some older instructions so you get the general idea. Could still work, but I didnt see a more recent entry on the FAQ or Megi’s site.

Id expect the existing distros to pick it up relatively soon though if you do end up having to wait.

FAQ - https://wiki.pine64.org/wiki/Kernel_Installation

Site - https://xnux.eu/

I agree, but I dont believe legislation and regulation has caught up to techniques/product evolutions such as this and feel it might take awhile for people to take notice.

“Further, if someone pauses their subscription and forgets to restart it, they won’t actually be able to get their In&box into ride-ready status when they go to turn it on. If they then choose to ignore the indicators and ride with the In&box inactive, that’s on them and we can expect it not to inflate in the event of a crash.”

Ah there it is, I wondered how they were going to justify the safety features being disabled if a crash occurred. My gut reaction is that it seems like a great opportunity for some enterprising person to supply a patch to fix that particular issue, but that’s mostly due to the idea of subsidizing safety or other features in items I purchased feels wrong.

The site for the vest is relatively straight up about the extra cost of activation in the FAQ section, but feels like a bad example to post the base price and not include an asterisk or call-out to the FAQ below imo.

I’d be interested to see how work from home has impacted this (practice of screen breaks every 20min). For myself it’s far easier and the pressure to always be 100% “present” isn’t there.

Glad there’s a solid open source Windows option for this!

I really like that you can switch the OS relatively easy - I really want to try to stick with the “official” os so Ive stuck with Manjaro Plasma Mobile so far.

Youre spot on about the speed, Ive been using it for all my social media-esque apps and find it usable but still need a charge at least twice a day. Really impressive all the same though from some of the earlier builds, this year we could see some nice improvements in the software.

Apple too - https://9to5mac.com/2021/04/22/judge-says-apple-must-face-lawsuit-over-misleading-buy-option-on-itunes/

I’ll be excited to see if this changes the verbiage on said stores - once I had one movie “purchase” removed I stopped caring about online film purchases entirely. I’ll use online options for rentals, but I want a physical disc or my own (non-cloud) download of content I really enjoy.

The ​“blood of the private sector” that Bourla appeals to is not some natural state of affairs, but reflects a global trade structure the company helped create — to the detriment of poor people around the world who seek access to life-saving drugs.

In 1982, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi told the World Health Assembly, ​“the idea of a better ordered world is one in which medical discovery will be free of all patents and there will be no profiteering from life and death.” The Christian Science Monitor reported in 1986, ​“Brazil and Argentina have spearheaded a group that has blocked U.S. attempts to include intellectual property protection in the new round of talks.”

​“TRIPS required developing countries, and countries around the world, to adopt a U.S.-type patent and copyright rule. Previously, both had been outside trade agreements, so countries could have whatever rules they want. India already had a well-developed pharmaceutical industry by the 1990s. Pre-TRIPS, India didn’t allow drug companies to patent drugs. They could patent processes, but not drugs.”

A good read, and one from December of 2020 at that (which only furthers their point imo with these events still ongoing).

I really enjoyed the quoted sections, as someone from the USA it’s not something we hear about (India’s different approach to pharam, ins and outs of TRIPS) or think about unless discussing alternate governing systems. Even then I would argue that the idea of IP is pretty ingrained and something the majority just consider normal.

Really like that this situation has brought IP law and regulation more into the light and news space, hopefully it drags into the public consciousness so something can be done.

Step counter is standalone, some of the watch apps need a paired device (notifications, the navigation app, music playback controls) but the health features (heart rate and step counter) are all standalone.

If you pair the device using Gadgetbridge on Android you would get the steps synced and shown in that app, using it without any apps it still counts steps and resets at midnight back to 0 on the watch display.

Not to complicate things but this is also just using the default OS, more options are available and Wasp-OS has a different layout and more options like an alarm app for example.

Video of default OS (recent version) - https://odysee.com/@IzaicNIX:e/infinitime

Video of Wasp OS (recent version) - https://odysee.com/@IzaicNIX:e/waspos

That makes sense, I’d rather not have the currency impeed the messenger (regulations, climate impact, etc) if given the choice.

Arrived yesterday, did the setup with my computer (updates, time sync) and was pretty straight forward.

Size and weight is like a Pebble Time if you ever used one, the band is worse but easily changed. The watch doesnt turn off, and on day 2 Im on 84%.

Havent used the heart meter or the games since they are not my thing, the step counter works well (user compared to Apple Watch on long hike in the video below) as does the raise to wake screen option.

Overall it was affordable, FOSS and seems capable.

Video over view worth watching: https://odysee.com/@pizzalovingnerd:5/the-best-pine64-product-pinetime-review:2

Maybe someone else can chime in that knows, but Session states the following in their FAQ which reads to me as if the crypto portion of the network isn’t yet merged with the messenger at all levels (yet). I would be curious to hear from someone else with more knowledge, as I liked the idea behind the messenger otherwise.

If the two (their coin and the messenger) are able to run together but still stay “unlinked” in regards to message content and I don’t have to hear about earning Oxen by using the service I am more inclined to consider it an option.

The Session team is hard at work fixing bugs and shoring up core messaging functionality, but once the app is working reliably, we’ll be moving on to Lokinet integration to bring voice calling functionality to Session. We’ll keep the community updated on our progress, so be sure to follow our Twitter to stay up to date!

No, your messages are not stored on a blockchain. Messages are stored by swarms, and are deleted after a fixed amount of time (called the “time-to-live”, or TTL). All of your messages are encrypted, and can only be decrypted using the private key which is stored locally on your device.

I sure hope they do, and while it would be nice to turn my existing Android device into something more open I’m pretty happy with the concept of using unique hardware instead.

I really like what Ubuntu Touch has done with their installer and their app availability, but since I don’t own a device that I want to run it on (my Nexus 5 is in need of a battery replacement) I’m happy we have options line the PinePhone, Volla and F(x)Tec depending on my needs (not including the Librem 5 due to shipping issues, though there are a handful of users with that device too).

Not forgetting Sailfish, they (Jolla) have been around awhile but in my market the device feature set may soon not be viable depending on VoLTE options.

From the head of PowerDNS a bit about toasters, outsourcing, innovation and how it's tied together from an EU facing view. Note: Not anti-outsourcing, more about taking a step back and looking at what companies are turning into in the tech space.

Work did surveys to gauge how we would feel about coming back, and I hope the fact that we have all seen people working with a puke bucket was listed in each comment section.

When the choice is getting paid or staying home people go get paid, hopefully the WFH change allows people who are ill to have at least one more option since I cant see us getting sick leave any time soon.

Nice! I think this could be handy with more than a few apps that still have scaling problems or the UI of the button I need is just out of reach due to being visible but no clickable (too close to the edge of the screen).

Librem product delays, but for the relevant one: Librem 5 delays and price increases of $100 on June 30th 2021. I think this makes the phone a much harder sell, but am excited to see what the funds do for software development. Since Pine64 has stated there is enough stock of materials to complete their scheduled batches throughout the year at least those desperate for something in that same vein will have an option. Screenshot of relevant info below. ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/jS4hXn2xZN.png)

PinePhone Keyboard update [April 24/04]
Some photos in the linked post, and a video too! Video for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2f_cT3Fksho&feature=emb_imp_woyt Cant wait to see what this is like in personal, excited about the extra battery life it will bring as well.

Some good news on further device batches, updates on keyboard, pictures of the wireless charging and fingerprint case (LoRa mentioned too!). > PinePhone BE & Pinebook Pro orders prior to April 12th ship out this month & orders made after the 12th mid-May; follow the shipping update thread > We have the PinePhone production under control, at least for the foreseeable future, and despite the component shortages we’ve managed to secure at least 3 more large production-runs this year. Keep in mind that each pre-order and shipping cycle takes approx. 2 months. Video overview: odysee.com/@PINE64#a/april-update-new-developments#d

With the PinePhone beta version being in-stock, this video takes a quick overview for those who are on the fence or just waiting for that shipment email. I like the uploaders style, and apparently share a lot of stuff about Plasma Mobile looking back at my past posts here.

If you're lucky enough to have a Librem 5 (or are still waiting for that shipment email) these updates look quite nice.

[JMP-news] One app for calls/SMS, automated Bitcoin support, and more!
JMP Chat is an XMPP based sms/call solution, with the latest change allows calls to be made over [Jingle](https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0166.html#howitworks) (incoming calls via Jingle were already working prior). This means if you're using a supported XMPP client (Movim, Gajim, Converations) you can do calls and sms all without needing a SIM card or traditional carrier plan. Calls also work over SIP using an application of your choice, however it's nice to handle calls and messaging in one location. FAQ for the project: https://jmp.chat/ General support room: discuss@conference.soprani.ca I used this on the PinePhone to get around the lack of MMS support, and am excited to see where else this project goes (JMP Chat) as updates get released to the Linux phone offerings we have available.

Plasma Mobile February Update
Normally don't think these style updates fit here all the time but Elisa (music player) looks quite good and being able to get USSD codes and DTMF tones working in the dialer of the PinePhone is a great QoL improvement for those looking to go all-in on a Linux device.

I don't agree with his lock screen comments as I find the number pad to be too large, and I also don't mind some of Plasmas apps being more mobile focused (as convergence isnt the main draw for me). It's nice to see Plasma Mobile coming along though, I do like the UI and feel it would do well for people coming from Android (or who just don't enjoy Phosh).

Oh my, I cant say I like the length of the snippet the link brought over - tried to edit it but you cant (seems tied to the link) - apologies for that!

Protonmail: Suspended account for online website signup
Since Protonmail has been a recent [topic of discussion](https://lemmy.ml/post/48460) I wanted to share this thread from Reddit where a user had their email suspended for joining a community marketplace (video game based) that they had no emails received/sent from - the signup was the only interaction per the user. Common ideas of why the ban occurred include a list of email addresses being sent to Protonmail as part of an active investigation to more privacy invading thoughts - I'm not sure you'll find a (satisfactory) answer in these threads but thought it was worth the read/sharing; the ban has since been reviewed and lifted. The Proton team provided the following info: > OP was informed about the reason of his account suspension when he appealed. For privacy reasons, we cannot legally comment publicly or share further details about this beyond what has already been stated. > To clarify: > We do not suspend accounts for no good reason. What constitutes a permissible use of our service is clearly outlined in our Terms & Conditions: https://protonmail.com/terms-and-conditions > In the case of false positives, or accounts that may have been mistakenly disabled, users can appeal: https://protonmail.com/abuse Appeals are always reviewed by a person, not a machine. > There are reasons why we are often not able to give advance notice of account suspension. First, some account suspension happens algorithmically. For instance, if accounts are being used to send spam, we need to act immediately to prevent damage to Proton's IP reputation. Second, in cases like ransomware, if we give warning before account suspension, ransomware actors will not suffer any losses and therefore will continue to conduct illegal activities on ProtonMail. Third, there are also cases where due to court order, we are legally forbidden from informing users in advance. > Our anti-abuse systems and team are not foolproof, and we do make mistakes (although not in this specific case). However, we need to strike a balance between protecting our users, the integrity of our service and compliance with Swiss laws, on one side, and false positives (which we understand can be a source of major inconvenience). See https://www.teddit.net/r/privacy/comments/l1ep9i/protonmail_disabled_my_account_due_to_illegal/ And for comments on Protonmails response see: https://www.teddit.net/r/ProtonMail/comments/l0jayb/protonmail_deleted_my_acct_after_it_was_reported/

TL;DR for this month’s update * RK3566 boards available to developers next month; more info in January * Community page (.org) getting a make-over & chat bridge will be worked on over the holidays. * An apology to early KDE CE pre-orders who received refunds and an explanation of what happened * A word about retail stores coming early next year * Look back at 2020 – our shortcomings and accomplishments discussed * PineTime – classy analogue watch faces available for InfiniTime * PineTime – InfiniTime receives many fixes including wake-up time, battery readout and call notifications * PineTime – new WaspOS version has been released * PineTime – Amazefish companion app now runs on multiple distros, including KDE Plasma Mobile; you can now sync your PineTime to the * PinePhone running Manjaro KDE & more! * Pinebook Pro – production resumes after Chinese New Year, late February/ early March 2021 * Pinebook Pro – is now supported by official Debian Installer (Alpha 3) * Pinebook Pro – the Docking Deck receives a warm response from end-users and reviewers * PinePhone – software and firmware news: Megi’s 5.10 kernel and new firmware for the modem result in improved power management + thermals * PinePhone – Megapixels camera app now supports smooth 30FPS viewfinder; works on multiple mobile UIs. * PinePhone – We signed a contract for a PSION5-like keyboard with a specialized vendor(!); developers will receive keyboards already in January 2021 * PinePhone – Qi charging back case entered production (molding process) * PinePhone – We’re working on a fingerprint reader back case with a community member who created a working prototype * PinePhone – showcase of awesome PinePhone hacks and DIY projects * PinePower – a range of power supplies (PSUs) for PINE64 products coming soon * PinePower – portable 65W GaN PSU due in late Jan/ early Feb and a 120W desktop PSU coming later in 2021 * PineCube – we now have Armbian support (Debian & Ubuntu) for the PineCube * PineCube – we created a case for the PineCube and released STL files for it * Pinecil – initial batch sold out incredibly fast, more units are being produced for January 2021 * Nutcracker Challenge – more evaluation boards shipped * Nutcracker Challenge – we’re getting more source code soon & early community developed flashing tools now available

First Impressions of the FINAL LIBREM 5 HARDWARE
Checkout @TheLinuxGamer's impressions (far from an extensive review however) on the "final" hardware of the Librem 5 - it's nice to have a video instead of a Purism forum post to read. Unsure if this is his own unit due from backing or if Purism sent him the device (he mentions it's a review device im the video so I assume the latter?) but nice to see either way.

More updates in January, but the gist is there will be a online retail presence (North America and Europe were both mentioned) complete with support options like RMA but at an increased cost; the PineStore will still have the same (lower) prices we're used to. Edited: Said USA instead of North America

Post showcases final/shipping hardware as well as software (video walkthrough linked inside the post). Select September 2017 backers have begun to either receive notifications on shipping or the device itself (see [this forum post](https://forums.puri.sm/t/received-my-librem-5-evergreen/10877) for details/first impressions from one such user).

> Through public records, interviews with developers, and technical analysis, Motherboard uncovered two separate, parallel data streams that the U.S. military uses, or has used, to obtain location data. One relies on a company called Babel Street, which creates a product called Locate X. U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), a branch of the military tasked with counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, and special reconnaissance, bought access to Locate X to assist on overseas special forces operations. The other stream is through a company called X-Mode, which obtains location data directly from apps, then sells that data to contractors, and by extension, the military.

KDE Pinephone version coming in December, read on in the post for comments on more than a few things (wireless charging backplate, display now running at 60Hz etc)

Proposed shipping timeframes, with early backers potentially able to get devices before the end of the year.