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Hopefully the USB-C port can handle external GPUs, but even without that I’m still interested to see where this goes.

Ive had multiple Pebbles (OG Steel was my favorite), Apple Watches, one Android Wear Fossil watch (quickly returned), two different Samsung Galaxy Watches and a Garmin Instinct.

Through all had at least something I liked as I began to focus more on my digital data and privacy I began to switch phones, and switching phones a lot with smartwatches isnt an easy/good thing.

I settled into a (non-smart) Casio ProTrek with the feature set I found myself using the most from the smartwatches (besides notifications) - tempurature, timer/alarms, barometer (weather), waterproof; It doesn’t care what phone I have.

If I had to go back or recommend one I would focus on the Garmin lineup and opt for one that had built in GPS - I liked to track my workouts and the battery life + feature set was well suited for being “smart” without making it feel like a mini smartphone. The battery life in “standalone” mode for my model was 14 days if I recall correctly, so leaving it with no phone connection but still being able to use the GPS and features like the barometer for weather was nice when camping or the like. Also I found physical buttons to be far better than touch controls especially if you’re doing something (hiking, kayaking, wearing gloves etc).

I know Gadgetbridge for Android does some great things as far as removing third party servers from the equation, but I’m not a fan of fitness bands and don’t suggest trying to find/buy a Pebble due to age. An Amazefit Bip is OK, but I don’t like devices without physical buttons - it’s cheap and would do the job so if price is a concern I’d look there.

It’s a weird thing to step back and look at, because the longevity of a watch vs a smartwatch is not even close but the pricing and marketing for the smartwatch feels far more “present” then it does for a normal watch (unless you’re already in the watch buying/selling/collecting club).

I think I could do without a camera altogether so Im OK with a switch handling both (I used the OnePlus 7 Pro for awhile, popup selfish camera that was never used for the win).

I’d honestly just be happy with options that are native and not like a case that offers camera blocks, adding your own etc.

I don’t know what would be best for me, but I havent had devices that offer this minus the PinePhone - and I couldnt use that for my everyday tasks so don’t feel it counts (I also just kept the camera switched off so I didnt cause the OS to freeze/crash with some of the earlier builds).

If you don’t mind a NY Times link I found this one interesting:


Especially for users who gave their banking information and had automatic payments setup things look quite grim.

The 10yr repayment plan is an insane thing to think about in the context of a utility.

I liked Mobian a lot! I used Manjaro (Phosh) at first but Mobian was more stable and is what I ended up using the most.

I agree with all your points, I think I’m looking at it the way I am so it feels like somewhat of a win and less of a “more of the same” that it actually is.

While I do enjoy some of the policy changes this is shaping up to be far from what I had hoped with a mostly Democratic Senate and House. I think I also had been too idealistic, believing that the party would unite more and bring in/tolerate/listen to the progressives and cast off the tiptoeing that is still occuring.

I’d also assume that the increase in our (USA) testing prowess also fits nicely into the way our healthcare system is structured vs elsewhere (to an extent), thanks for the interesting watch!

I don’t agree with his lock screen comments as I find the number pad to be too large, and I also don’t mind some of Plasmas apps being more mobile focused (as convergence isnt the main draw for me). …

I guess Im foolish but I’ll still wait to closer to the reconciliation before giving up home.

I don’t see a reason why the rich wouldnt keep getting richer, especially if what was said in private pans out - it’s definitely disappointing.

Ah so you didn’t mean your generalization then.

I tend to agree with the premise behind your points otherwise, though since the reconciliation isnt complete I’m holding off on the minimum wage/payments promise being broken until we hear something closer to the final steps/moments.

It’s definitely not a “new era” as far as American politics are concerned.

They already declared a state of emergency last week: https://www.kxan.com/news/texas/white-house-issues-federal-emergency-declaration-for-texas-winter-weather-event/

More equipment was sent Wednesday: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jemimamcevoy/2021/02/17/white-house-providing-emergency-generators-diesel-and-water-to-texas-amid-power-outages/

Are you critizing based solely on this post or is there a specific area you have fault with? I havent looked into the disaster much so this is an actual question, but your claim that there has been “no response” isn’t true as far as I can see.

For the IMEI is is not possible for most users, there could be a way but it’s not going to be feasible for most.

https://outline.com/vjkXXv for a relatively readable/clean source (originally from here - https://www.gadgetsnow.com/faqs/can-someone-change-the-imei-number-of-my-phone/articleshow/76934698.cms)

That was a long read but I found the end (quoted below) quite enjoyable as the subject of privacy seems to devolve into absolutes in various online forums.

There is no simple solution to the problem of privacy, because privacy itself is a solution to societal challenges that are in constant flux. Some are natural and beyond our control; others are technological and should be within our control but are shaped by a panoply of complex social and material forces with indeterminate effects. Privacy does not mean stopping the flow of data; it means channeling it wisely and justly to serve societal ends and values and the individuals who are its subjects, particularly the vulnerable and the disadvantaged.

Yeah the whole scenario really sucks, unless you were one of those super earlybird backers who got a shipping notification already you’re in for quite the extra wait.

It seems that ordering a Linux phone right now is a pretty bad experience (PinePhone out of stock currently, Librem 5 shipping in unkown quantities at unknown times), hopefully things are able to improve as the year goes on.

Wasnt expecting that battery size for the keyboard case, I’m pleasantly surprised. Also love how they’re going to try the distros specific backplates too, looking forward to seeing how the PinePhone shapes up this year.

I haven’t shared Peertube here before, thanks for the explanation! I tend to go between it and Odysee, definitely agree it’s nice to see more of it shared now (and TLVids instance is quite smooth).

I liked the video as well, I only found myself somewhat disagreeing on his PinePhone power comments but that was only because other distros like Lomiri can run smoother than Phosh - while I agree we need more power I think there’s still improvements to be made that will make the experience better on the existing hardware.

I would have loved to see more of a Librem 5 Phosh overview, especially with that device having more power (I know there are a few videos other there but not quite like this one).

Oh my, I cant say I like the length of the snippet the link brought over - tried to edit it but you cant (seems tied to the link) - apologies for that! …

Considering the scanner is simply attached to the back cover and is swappable a switch could be designed but there would need to be a revision of the hardware first.

I think the Librem switches make more sense on a day to day basis, but the lack of a switch for the scanner wouldnt matter to me in the slightest (nor does the current lack of a scanner on either device).

They make a lot of sense and are really nice to use for the most part unless you’re left handed (then you’ll want to scan a different finger/hold the phone a bit differently).

The S10e had one as well and worked quite well, I like them about as much as the rear mounted scanner placement and prefer both to front mounted scanners.

Pine64 is working on a scanner backcover for the PinePhone too, pretty neat addition imo -


I disagree with the title and found the authors stance at odds with my own on certain points but enjoyed the read up until the supposed “openness” of Silicon Valley section.

I liked it quite a bit, I have my first non-Thinkpad in years and it still trips up my muscle memory having the buttons in the “correct” order.

You could reassign the keys in the BIOS settings option last I heard, I never knew a reason for it but was never personally bothered by it.

I think their naming choice of “non-content” instead of using something like personally identifiable information is interesting, thanks for the report!

Protonmail: Suspended account for online website signup

Since Protonmail has been a recent topic of discussion I wanted to share this thread from Reddit where a user had their email suspended for joining a community marketplace (video game based) that they had no emails received/sent from - the signup was the only interacti…

First Impressions of the FINAL LIBREM 5 HARDWARE

Checkout @TheLinuxGamer’s impressions (far from an extensive review however) on the “final” hardware of the Librem 5 - it’s nice to have a video instead of a Purism forum post to read. Unsure if this is his own unit due from backing or if Purism sent him the device (he mentions it’s a review device…

More updates in January, but the gist is there will be a online retail presence (North America and Europe were both mentioned) complete with support options like RMA but at an increased cost; the PineStore will still have the same (lower) prices we’re used to. …

Post showcases final/shipping hardware as well as software (video walkthrough linked inside the post). Select September 2017 backers have begun to either receive notifications on shipping or the device itself (see this forum post for d…

Through public records, interviews with developers, and technical analysis, Motherboard uncovered two separate, parallel data streams that the U.S. military uses, or has used, to obtain location data. One relies on a company called Babel Street, which creates a product called Locate X. U.S. Specia…

KDE Pinephone version coming in December, read on in the post for comments on more than a few things (wireless charging backplate, display now running at 60Hz etc)…

Proposed shipping timeframes, with early backers potentially able to get devices before the end of the year…