Some photos in the linked post, and a video too!

Video for reference:

Cant wait to see what this is like in personal, excited about the extra battery life it will bring as well.

It’s great, but I’m undecided if I should consider it or not.
From what I’ve read, you can’t really switch convers too many times.

It’s true that I would probably end up using the pinephone more in ‘lap mode (?)’ than in portrait, but there are certain situations like when calling or when in a rush where holding the phone the way a mini-laptop requires would be sub-optimal, to say the least.


I think I’ll pick it up due to the price being such a low barrier to entry, and that it might really make sense for some specific workflows and/or OS options.

Even if it cant really come out of the case often Bluetooth headsets work on at least a few distros (havent looked into wired ones) and the battery gains by having the larger battery would be nice while further optimization occurs elsewhere.

mhm, I’m not really into bluetooth, I’m more of a tangled-wire guy.
In the end I know when I’m getting myself a pinephone I’ll get that keyboard as well, guess I’ll suck it up and adapt myself to it.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even find it better.


Maybe they could also make one with gaming controls like the GPDWin or so.


Looks great


Agreed, I am really happy with the speed at which this has come together (and the updates from Pine64 throughout) as well as the functionality. Excited to see what those first impressions are like.

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