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Previously known as, but I’ve since lost access to the account.
You might not believe me, you might think I’m impersonating him.
Well, unless someone hacks into the account, you’ll never know…

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Got it. I’ll follow the updates and see if I’ll be able to almost ditch discord.
Thanks, again.

Nheko had my curiosity, but now has my attention.
Thanks for asking on my behalf!

Will nheko support spaces in the long run?

I’ve just read about nheko.
To be honest I’m not a matrix user, but the spaces functionality interests me. …

I’m in this picture and I don’t like it.

I recently discovered that R. Michalski (the founder of Harvester Games) has released three games, not only “The Cat Lady”, and is in the process of making a new one.

French people during the first period of covid: “Maybe I am communist”

I too have the same opening delay. Wonder if it has to do with the fact it’s running on wayland, so it has to also wait for xwayland.
I tried forcing ozone, but it didn’t seem to work, xeyes still tracked the mouse movement while hovering on freetube.

maybe not so for freetube, since at the moment I think there still isn’t a self-hosted version, but I’m willing to bet for element the key is the fact that they already have a web version, so they probably use in both occasions the same base library to talk with servers (I HAVEN’T VERIFIED THIS CLAIM).
From a code reuse POV, it makes sense, otherwise I agree on not linking electron.

username almost checks out, until he slaps you in the face with a raw steak (lab-grown? who knows)

well, that hits deep inside.

mhm, I’m not really into bluetooth, I’m more of a tangled-wire guy.
In the end I know when I’m getting myself a pinephone I’ll get that keyboard as well, guess I’ll suck it up and adapt myself to it.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even find it better.

Huh, so I never entered the full password.
I just tried forcing the field visible, and the password is being truncated at 60 chars.
Damn dots, I didn’t notice. Also, keepass autotyper doesn’t know the password isn’t being inserted, so that explains why nothing made sense. I feel better knowing the pass db integrity is not compromised. Thanks for that, really!

I know I’m repetitive, but if it’s not a planned functionality and unless there is a reason I’m unaware of that explains why it’s counterproductive, giving the user the ability to temporarily show the password in the input field might help in these cases.

wow, it always feels magical and more closer than it has ever been when I read memories like yours!

I got my first computer in 2005, an AMD duron with xp onboard. The case was painted red, yellow and blue like it was made out of lego bricks.

Living in an apartment in the middle of nowhere, with no public playgrounds I could reach on my own, gave me a lot of time to sit and play:

  • Topolino magico artista (disney magick artist), one of the most entertaining drawing programs ever created in my opinion. It felt like painting a cartoon in a cartoon. The poor epson printer in my father’s office had to endure printing my horrible sketches for at least two years before it died.
  • Mickey Mouse kindergarten was an absolute blast. Between this game and a demostration from a musician when I was in kindergarten (funnily enough), I’m still not sure whom of the two (if not both) had me love the sax from then on.
    That game was jazz in every possible sense!

Last but not least, there was this game which gifted me a rather unpleasant sense of ‘uneasyness’ when walking near tall plants for a while. It was a platformer under the sea, filled with these plants that would try their best to eat the turtle (player sprite). The bite animation left a scar on my kid’s ass for some bizarre reason.

Later on I was gifter a gameboy advanced which I still use to this day, the only game ever played on it being pokemon leaf green.

Fast forward some years and I’m submerged in IT studies and small-projects.
Not that at this point it’s a surprise, to be honest xD

It’s great, but I’m undecided if I should consider it or not.
From what I’ve read, you can’t really switch convers too many times.

It’s true that I would probably end up using the pinephone more in ‘lap mode (?)’ than in portrait, but there are certain situations like when calling or when in a rush where holding the phone the way a mini-laptop requires would be sub-optimal, to say the least.

I wish I had some of that jazz in my hands! I’m too young for having played with an amiga.
To be honest I have a commodore 64 which is lacking only the tv adapter. Once I find it, I might be able to at least play with some DOS in its natural environment.

Even better, assembly. I find it more entertaining when it’s not making things too complicated.

As of now, I’m also learning python since a class requires it, and it’s really cute, I might say.
Feels polished and forces people to at least write code with a readable indentation.

Maybe not my favourite, but it’s also true I haven’t found my favourite language yet.
I mean, I recently had to do a c++ project for an assignment and all that const fuzz was off-putting. Couldn’t they use a different keyword instead of puttin const in trhee distinct places in the header?
I get that maybe they wanted to still use terminologies similar to ol’ plain C, but still, not cool.

Strangely enough, I’m in the middle of a craving for shell scripting and so long I’ve been enjoying more than before putting together utility scripts.

So…passionately or not?

Right, gonna enable it now and see if I get an email with a reply, thanks for the explanation.

128 characters, I re-counted them to be sure. If the password is too long, does the lemmy-ui part notify the limit to the user or is the input just truncated backend-side?

well, thanks for the support anyway.
I’ve made this my primary account now. And I’ve added an email address. I did not get any confirmation email, or something like that.
Would it be too heavy on the mail plan you use if you sent an email to everyone setting an email account?
That way, anyone would find out if the procedure was successful or not without having to try the reset password functionality.

Ok, I tried making another account with the same password, then leaving and relogging. It works, so…something happened, but I don’t know what. If nor syncthing nor keepassxc noticed a corruption, I might have a serious coherence problem in my hands.

alright, no luck whatsoever and having to type in a 200 random characters password, without being able to check what I’ve typed is less than ideal. Might I suggest adding a snooping button, to temporarely deobfuscate the password in the input field?
EDIT 128 characters, actually, I kinda slipped on that part.

Could it have something to do with the move to diesel? I already had some unfortunate encounters with sites accepting the generated password, then rejecting it on the next login because of the chars used. For context, I used the following characters: *)_-;:" ’ ~ `?( { } [ ] @ #/ \ . ,

Account login problems

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