FreeTube is an open source desktop YouTube player built with privacy in mind. Use YouTube without advertisments and prevent Google tracking from you with their cookies and JavaScript. Available for Windows, Mac & Linux thanks to Electron


Nice, I’ve never used this before, thx.


I use it a lot, but I still wonder how come javascript is the only thing used for portable solutions, and what’s worse, electron. If there was a multi-platform native Qt alternative that would be my preference, and if not at least flutter (though not sure if flutter can be used for free SW solutions), which is closer to native than electron, which is in essence chromium, :(

The same goes for desktop element and signal apps… and some privative ones I’m forced to use such as slack, :(

maybe not so for freetube, since at the moment I think there still isn’t a self-hosted version, but I’m willing to bet for element the key is the fact that they already have a web version, so they probably use in both occasions the same base library to talk with servers (I HAVEN’T VERIFIED THIS CLAIM).
From a code reuse POV, it makes sense, otherwise I agree on not linking electron.


Those are good observations, let the team know so that they can consider it


Freetube is great, I just wish it wouldnt take 5+ seconds to start.


It opens to me as fast as a Pop-up, it may differ for several reasons, the bandwidth you have, some security software that interferes, system configuration …


Okay its really more like 2 seconds, but that still seems quite long. I have very fast internet, Manjaro without strange security software, and getting this on two devices.


I currently use Windows 10 (privatized 😏) with a 100 Mbs fiber connection on a basic Laptop (Lenovo 8Gb + 2 Gb GPU). As I said, for my FT it opens less than 1 second. Anyway, I think that 2 seconds is a delay with which you can live, in view of the other advantages that FT has.

I too have the same opening delay. Wonder if it has to do with the fact it’s running on wayland, so it has to also wait for xwayland.
I tried forcing ozone, but it didn’t seem to work, xeyes still tracked the mouse movement while hovering on freetube.


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