So it’s actually working now as a real thing and not just a prototype. Pretty cool and the $25 price is very interesting. I might get myself one. Anybody got one, what do you think?


Arrived yesterday, did the setup with my computer (updates, time sync) and was pretty straight forward.

Size and weight is like a Pebble Time if you ever used one, the band is worse but easily changed. The watch doesnt turn off, and on day 2 Im on 84%.

Havent used the heart meter or the games since they are not my thing, the step counter works well (user compared to Apple Watch on long hike in the video below) as does the raise to wake screen option.

Overall it was affordable, FOSS and seems capable.

Video over view worth watching: https://odysee.com/@pizzalovingnerd:5/the-best-pine64-product-pinetime-review:2

thanks for the quick review


Does the step-counter work as a standalone app or does it synch with fitness apps on your phone?

Never had a Pebble Time, but for sure the affordability seems like a great way for this ‘side project’ to get some momentum in the FLOSS dev community. Another win too for Linux phones.


Step counter is standalone, some of the watch apps need a paired device (notifications, the navigation app, music playback controls) but the health features (heart rate and step counter) are all standalone.

If you pair the device using Gadgetbridge on Android you would get the steps synced and shown in that app, using it without any apps it still counts steps and resets at midnight back to 0 on the watch display.

Not to complicate things but this is also just using the default OS, more options are available and Wasp-OS has a different layout and more options like an alarm app for example.

Video of default OS (recent version) - https://odysee.com/@IzaicNIX:e/infinitime

Video of Wasp OS (recent version) - https://odysee.com/@IzaicNIX:e/waspos


I would like to buy one, but having it shipped from far away and maybe having to pay with Paypal is making me hesitate. Ordering it with a pinephone and or pinebook is on my wish list.


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