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Microsoft knows Windows is obsolete. Here’s a sneak peek at its replacement…

Literata Font | TypeTogether

This one is really comfortable for reading. It might be seen as the Google Play Books equivalent to Amazon Kindle’s Bookerly…


Free and open source alternative to Futura and Century Gothic…

That’s my favorite monospace font! Also, @Troll@lemmy.ml, thanks for creating this sub, I really love open source typography! :D

How easy would it be to rewrite Invidious using Go or Rust?

Alt text for images?

I don’t see any option to add a caption for images. I think it’s a must…

WhatsApp already has a lot of backdoors:

  • Unencrypted backups (Google Drive and iCloud).
  • Security notifications disabled by default. You won’t get notified when recipient’s encryption key changes.
  • When recipient’s encryption key changes, undelivered messages are automatically re-encrypted with the new key.

Signal >> Blog >> There is no WhatsApp ‘backdoor’ (hint: there is are)

Not sure about how WebRTC works exactly, but maybe you should check Snapdrop.net. Or maybe something like Syncthing.

Online classes. My differential equations teacher uses MathType to solve exercises in class. I’d like to suggest him a free software alternative, or at least know myself there is one.

Yes, and it’s pretty nice, but it doesn’t allow you to write multiple equations in a single file. You could use a lot of newlines, but it’s not as convenient as the MathType approach.

MathType even allows you to export a GIF: https://files.avalos.me/09112020 ejercicio1 Sistemas.gif

That’s nice! I don’t use Android, but still sounds exciting.

Any good free and open-source MathType alternative?

Hello! I’ve been searching for a while, and haven’t found anything similar, that allows you to graphically write multiple equations in a notebook style. My teacher uses MathType to solve equations in class, and that question always comes to my mind. …

Control mouse and keyboard from the webbrowser of a smartphone (or any other device with a touchscreen). To take control open the displayed URL or scan the QR code. …

I saw their open letter to Facebook and Twitter to stop recommendations but I didn’t really expect it to get anywhere. …

Oh, I love DeepL. <3 I use it daily.

También han gastado mucho en proyectos y servicios que terminan abandonando, como FirefoxOS. Realmente se deberían enfocar en Firefox Browser y Thunderbird.

  • Firefox = family of Internet products a browser.
  • Mozilla = (for-profit corporation + non-profit foundation) that develops Internet products.
  • Firefox != Mozilla.

Oh, I forgot I put that in the description. :P Agree 100%.

(Para los hispanohablantes que anden por aquí y no sepan qué pedo con Mozilla.)…

(Para los hispanohablantes que anden por aquí y no sepan qué pedo con Mozilla.)…

EEE: embrace, extend and extinguish.

I think I got the idea thanks to Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaporwave

It’s kinda like a retroish + glitch art + 3D visual style and music genre.

What? Isn’t Chromium more secure than Firefox? Afaik, it has better sandboxing and security updates are frequent. Google Chrome was the only browser that couldn’t be compromised by hackers, I don’t recall the name of the article where I read that.

It is not just about branding, but also because it has a centralized code repository, and something like a kernel shouldn’t rely on centralized stuff. Imho, I feel like Rust just doesn’t fit into a kernel, the same with WireGuard and all the bloat it’s been discussed to become part of Linux.

Emacs, Fossil, Concourse, SearX, WireGuard, Mastodon, Element, Firefox (except for Mozilla and Pocket bullshit), CHICKEN Scheme, Docker, etc.