17 years old junior software developer, studying university (Computer Systems Engineering) since 15. I strongly believe in free (as in freedom) software, privacy and liberty, as well as human rights and equality. I enjoy learning new things and sharing my knowledge.

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¡Excelente música! Conozco casi todas esas bandas, puros clásicos del rock.

I feel it was something indeed consequential. I mean, the protests were probably the largest in the US history, according to Wikipedia:

Polls in summer 2020 estimated that between 15 million and 26 million people had participated at some point in the demonstrations in the United States, making the protests the largest in U.S. history. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Floyd_protests

And they had a lot of impact, according to the same Wikipedia article:

The protests precipitated a cultural reckoning on racial injustice in the United States and have led to numerous legislative proposals on federal, state, and municipal levels intended to combat police misconduct, systemic racism, qualified immunity and police brutality in the United States, while the Trump administration has drawn widespread criticism for what critics called its hardline rhetoric and aggressive, militarized response. The protests led to a wave of monument removals and name changes throughout the world. The protests occurred during the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic and amidst the 2020 United States presidential election season. Local protests are ongoing as of late 2020.

That’s why I said “pseudo-E2EE”, because the encryption scheme works similarly to the Double Ratchet Protocol, except that cryptography is handled server-side instead of in-device.

Thanks for the article! Definitely an interesting read, I didn’t know of any of that. It’s shocking.

That is on a whole different level than those black-live matters riots last year, which were largely inconsequential and no threat to democracy at all.

OK, that’s just what I needed to know, good point. Although, what do you mean by “inconsequential”?

Actually, Telegram is pseudo-end-to-end-encrypted by default. It works similarly to WhatsApp and Signal, except that (pseudo) E2EE in Telegram is handled server-side instead of in-device. They store your private keys in their servers, so you never lose your keys. Which is shitty, but at least something.

Didn’t know that, are you talking about this? https://www.gatesnotes.com/Health/Improving-Global-Health

Sin mencionar que existen muchas formas en las que EE.UU. Puede presionar a México para obligarlo a dejar de dar asilo político a Assange.

Ja, ja, exacto, con el miedo que le tiene México (y todo el mundo) a Estados Unidos, no pasan ni cinco minutos cuando ya se lo andan llevando.

I mean, China is a country where the Party controls nearly every aspect of your life, every privacy invasion will be worse in China than in relatively free countries.

I mean, we shouldn’t have the need to fake things, that’s why privacy is important and should be fought for at all costs.

Keyoxide is basically what Keybase used to be initially, until Chat, Teams, Git and other features came along. I do actually have a Keyoxide profile (https://keyoxide.org/47A2AF6E53032E2989EC25362935E1F768CBE4A0) since a while ago, it’s nice.

Don’t think everyone will know right away, and even if they do, I bet your real accounts will be strongly tied to your legal identity. But either way, what’s the need to even have to fake things?

vutuv is a business network. Think of it as a fast, secure and less annoying open-source alternative for LinkedIn or XING. …

vutuv is a business network. Think of it as a fast, secure and less annoying open-source alternative for LinkedIn or XING. …

I was looking for reasons to convince people why privacy is important, and why they should care. This article gave me one…

WebGL Font Rendering Demo

I love this font rendering demo! <3 I finally saw how subpixel font rendering looks clearer in low DPI screens…

I would love to have a retail store in Mexico, but I don’t think it will happen any time soon, if ever. I don’t think Mexican population is that aware of free software/hardware compared to developed countries. A store in the US might be enough to reduce import prices a bit, though.

But I also think perhaps having PINE64 retail stores and “marketing” here might help getting more people aware of free software/hardware, and choosing it instead of proprietary and restrictive evil corporate Big Tech technology.

Literata Font | TypeTogether

This one is really comfortable for reading. It might be seen as the Google Play Books equivalent to Amazon Kindle’s Bookerly…


Free and open source alternative to Futura and Century Gothic…

That’s my favorite monospace font! Also, @Troll@lemmy.ml, thanks for creating this sub, I really love open source typography! :D

Alt text for images?

I don’t see any option to add a caption for images. I think it’s a must…

Any good free and open-source MathType alternative?

Hello! I’ve been searching for a while, and haven’t found anything similar, that allows you to graphically write multiple equations in a notebook style. My teacher uses MathType to solve equations in class, and that question always comes to my mind. …

Control mouse and keyboard from the webbrowser of a smartphone (or any other device with a touchscreen). To take control open the displayed URL or scan the QR code. …

I saw their open letter to Facebook and Twitter to stop recommendations but I didn’t really expect it to get anywhere. …