17 years old junior software developer, studying university (Computer Systems Engineering) since 15. I strongly believe in free (as in freedom) software, privacy and liberty, as well as human rights and equality. I enjoy learning new things and sharing my knowledge.

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Then one day, someone smart built a new technology that didn’t require people to sign away their information. Now, people could meet anyone they wanted and talk about whatever they wanted, not just what Facebook or its competitors said was okay. People felt more relaxed, too, because even though there were ads, people could meet up in Cyberspace without every single action they took being used to fuel an advertising machine.

People got excited again, like the first time they found the Web and gave up on AOL.

But there our story ends, because that chapter has not yet been written.

The chapter is being written: the Fediverse. And it has no ads!

For members and people interested in The Satanic Temple. From their website: …


I prefer vanilla GNOME, it looks just great out-of-the-box to me.

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Create a meme with Logo.

No, that’s actually a real feature built into Edge.

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That’s just so me.

It’s difficult. Jitsi Meet has experimental E2EE support, but it only works on Chrome because of “insertable streams”.

Convos is awesome! I self-host it myself and I don’t plan to switch to TheLounge ever.

Yeah, I’ve seen that! It’s quite old. https://xkcd.com/135/


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That’s the neat part: he doesn’t.

Wow. That article is mind blowing. It describes me perfectly fine: I always behave as an arrogant asshole. I need to stop. I’ve been wanting to stop for a long time, but never figured out how. This article puts it plainly!

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that. Some chips do more or less match that number; but others don’t, especially the smaller ones.

No, Intel does manufacture chips. AMD doesn’t.

Intel processors, IIRC, are 14nm, whereas AMD chips are 7nm. Intel processors are manufactured by Intel within the USA, whereas AMD chips are produced by TSMC in Taiwan.

I would personally count security as a subset of privacy, because, it’s no use to have the most secure system when it shares all your data to third-parties; but you need security if you want to make sure there’s no easy way to steal data from your system.

  1. As far as I know, only the UI is proprietary. But it probably counts as non-free based on GNU’s FSDG guidelines.
  2. What do you mean by “Real Linux”? Having a proprietary UI doesn’t mean the system does not include the actual kernel (Linux). Sailfish OS IS real Linux (it contains it). If what you really meant was “Real GNU/Linux”, then, I’m not sure how GNU-ish Sailfish OS is.

You know what? I support RMS. Hate me if you will (final version)

Hello! I published here this article when it was still a draft, and received a lot of awesome feedback. I made a lot of corrections, and here is the final result. Thank you for your feedback!..

You know what? I support RMS. Hate me if you will (public draft)

I ask you to read the whole article instead of going straight to the downvote, report or ban button. It is a public draft, I’ve been making a lot of improvements and corrections. I appreciate feedback and constructive dialog…

Matrix/Element Spaces, where to follow progress?

So I’ve been looking for a real Discord alternative for years now and it seems Spaces is the thing that’s finally going to start bringing in the functionality that exists in Discord. What I want to know is where could I follow the progress it? Not only am I very excited about it, but I’d also like t…

Is Keybase dead yet?

Is Keybase dead yet?..

vutuv is a business network. Think of it as a fast, secure and less annoying open-source alternative for LinkedIn or XING. …

vutuv is a business network. Think of it as a fast, secure and less annoying open-source alternative for LinkedIn or XING. …

I was looking for reasons to convince people why privacy is important, and why they should care. This article gave me one…

WebGL Font Rendering Demo

I love this font rendering demo! <3 I finally saw how subpixel font rendering looks clearer in low DPI screens…

Microsoft knows Windows is obsolete. Here’s a sneak peek at its replacement…

Literata Font | TypeTogether

This one is really comfortable for reading. It might be seen as the Google Play Books equivalent to Amazon Kindle’s Bookerly…


Free and open source alternative to Futura and Century Gothic…