17 years old junior software developer, studying university (Computer Systems Engineering) since 15. I strongly believe in free (as in freedom) software, privacy and liberty, as well as human rights and equality. I enjoy learning new things and sharing my knowledge.

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Yes, LoRaWAN has low-bandwidth, but also requires very little energy and almost no maintenance.

A couple more of giga-hacks and people will start becoming skeptic of Big Tech.

Awesome. I hope things like LoRa will make it easier to setup rural networks, so it doesn’t matter how profitable they are for Big Telecom.

Maybe you can write an IPFS to Gemini proxy for Lagrange or some other browser, that spawns a temporary local Gemini server to serve IPFS documents.

Oh, you wrote it! I suggest you add a disclaimer to every post you post promoting things you built.

I see no privacy policy and it is not open source. I’m not signing up.

Let me interject for a moment … systemd/Linux …

The Rust compiler and implementation must probably be distributed with the kernel, and therefore the trademark restrictions will apply to any modifications made to them. A name change would be needed.

SearX supports OpenSearch, so if you enter the SearX instance, you can click the “Add SearX to search engines” (or something) button in the menu. You don’t need an extension.

Because it’s not yet a very mature and well-known project and there are a lot of different instances ran by different people that get frequently slow and CAPTCHA’ed by search engines when a lot of people use them. searx.me used to be the flagship instance, but it was shut down and replaced with a portal to other instances.

Developers encourage private self-hosting for these reasons, as well as to not have to trust other parties with your data. SearX still strips personal data anyway, and you could run it over Tor so you stay anonymous.

Hi, Meta! <3 I currently self-host the following things in my VPS or Orange Pi:

  • CryptPad - zero knowledge collaborative office suite.
  • Fossil SCM - awesome version control, wiki, tickets, forum, files, etc.
  • Linkbucket Go - web-based bookmark manager I wrote.
  • Oragono - modern IRC daemon written in Go.
  • Convos - always online web-based IRC client.
  • SearX - privacy respecting meta-search engine.
  • Miniflux - minimalist feed reader.
  • Wekan - open source Trello clone.

Here are some others:

  • WireGuard VPN - this allows me to tunnel traffic to make my LAN reachable from anywhere. As well as for privacy and security.
  • mpd + icecast - I use it for my personal internet radio (you have probably seen my fedi streaming announcements).
  • Tor Hidden Services - they’re cool because they allow you to bypass restrictive NAT firewalls, while providing strong privacy and security.

No mention of the fact that Rust’s trademark is too restrictive? No mention of the centralized ecosystem? Although I think Rust is a great language, I don’t think it has a place in a kernel in its current state. https://wiki.hyperbola.info/doku.php?id=en:main:rusts_freedom_flaws

It will probably be virtualised, I can tell from the screenshot showing the Android system navigation bar and that thing in the middle top that you pull to show the notification bar in fullscreen apps. Besides, they say “your Android and iOS tablets,” which might imply that Manjaro will run on top of the OS.

Now they want to learn about our brain signals so they can study and control our behavior at a deeper level. Please, World, don’t fall for that trap.

Wait, this looks more like a post than a crosspost.

Matrix/Element Spaces, where to follow progress?

So I’ve been looking for a real Discord alternative for years now and it seems Spaces is the thing that’s finally going to start bringing in the functionality that exists in Discord. What I want to know is where could I follow the progress it? Not only am I very excited about it, but I’d also like t…

This project scraps mbasic into an RSS feed. It is more for personal use, and some features require an account. https://github.com/yshalsager/facebook2rss

Isn’t that what CryptPad does for Slide pads?

Not really. Telegram uses an encryption scheme very similar to WhatsApp and Signal, except that cryptography is handled server-side instead of in-device. Secret Chats use exactly the same scheme, except that cryptography is handled in-device. I don’t trust Telegram, I think their fake security promises are bullshit, but that’s technically how MTProto works in Cloud Chats.

Is Keybase dead yet?

Is Keybase dead yet?..

vutuv is a business network. Think of it as a fast, secure and less annoying open-source alternative for LinkedIn or XING. …

vutuv is a business network. Think of it as a fast, secure and less annoying open-source alternative for LinkedIn or XING. …

I was looking for reasons to convince people why privacy is important, and why they should care. This article gave me one…

WebGL Font Rendering Demo

I love this font rendering demo! <3 I finally saw how subpixel font rendering looks clearer in low DPI screens…

Microsoft knows Windows is obsolete. Here’s a sneak peek at its replacement…

Literata Font | TypeTogether

This one is really comfortable for reading. It might be seen as the Google Play Books equivalent to Amazon Kindle’s Bookerly…


Free and open source alternative to Futura and Century Gothic…

Alt text for images?

I don’t see any option to add a caption for images. I think it’s a must…

All of the above