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To be honest, I’m only here to troll tankies. Authoritarianism is bad, commies, freedom is our nature and human right. Governments must not violate the human rights of their citizens.

The state must strive to satisfy people’s basic needs, and must never exercise tyrannic control over them.

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Media attention is what’s needed.

Wait, is that what happened?

If you really meant 8K, well, the only 8K monitor they sell on Amazon costs 7,000 USD and it’s only 60Hz. I wouldn’t call that affordable.

Affordable? In which universe are you?

It’s not something they want to have into their app, as simple as that. If you have any problem with their mission, then switch to the fork.

You’re free to skip sponsored segments, NewPipe devs simply decided they didn’t want to play the anti-brainwashing heroes: it’s not in their scope.

Understandable. I fully agree. I’m not a fan of advertising and sponsorship, but money doesn’t grow from trees, and the devs are right by limiting NewPipe’s scope rather than playing the anti-capitalist heroes.

Hey, I wanted to see at least a single screenshot. :(

Nope, tons of non-copyleft licenses are considered free software even by the FSF, so they fit both the open source and free software definition, which makes them FOSS.

Also, take into account that FOSS is not a thing by itself, but rather a grouping of software that meets two ideologies: open source and free software

FOSS stands for “free and open source software”, and in practice, free software is almost the same as open source, so I don’t get why you say it’s open source but not FOSS. Don’t you mean source-available?

Crazy indeed! Though, I understand that part very well, it’s basically the same thing the ant zombiefying fungus does. What I don’t understand is how do caterpillars die when they’re at the top of a plant, are they killed by the virus?

Why do they die? Does the virus kills them when it detects they’re on the top of a plant or something?

Authoritarian is not meaningless, it perfectly describes countries where freedoms aren’t a thing, and you face consequences for speaking out against your government. Authoritarian governments can always manipulate data and punish independent researchers whose data goes against their narrative, or prevent them from doing any independent research at all.

What happened when the WHO was conducting a study about COVID-19 in China? China told them to look elsewhere.

Coming from who exactly? The US government or US-based independent research organizations? In authoritarian regimes there’re no distinctions between the two, as independent organizations are forced to spread the only acceptable truth: the government’s one. 2 + 2 = 5.

You always make it sound as if NATO was invading countries and violently expanding without anyone’s consent, and Russia was the hero trying to prevent NATO from dominating the world and killing everyone for no reason because they like it so much apparently.

No, countries join the NATO voluntarily. Ukraine is doing it willingly, because they want militar defense from other member countries, and they have the absolute right to do so. Russia didn’t respect that (never has), so Ukraine did what they were supposed to do: defend themselves and protect their sovereignty.

Russia is now using de-nazification as an excuse (of course the literal president isn’t a jew /s), trying to play the hero; but we all know Russia’s sole dictator is out of his mind: he went too far and the whole world is trying to stop him. The world is doing what’s right, Russia is the one who loves war, Russia started this whole thing.

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

For members and people interested in The Satanic Temple. From their website: …

You know what? I support RMS. Hate me if you will (final version)

Hello! I published here this article when it was still a draft, and received a lot of awesome feedback. I made a lot of corrections, and here is the final result. Thank you for your feedback!..

You know what? I support RMS. Hate me if you will (public draft)

I ask you to read the whole article instead of going straight to the downvote, report or ban button. It is a public draft, I’ve been making a lot of improvements and corrections. I appreciate feedback and constructive dialog…

Matrix/Element Spaces, where to follow progress?

So I’ve been looking for a real Discord alternative for years now and it seems Spaces is the thing that’s finally going to start bringing in the functionality that exists in Discord. What I want to know is where could I follow the progress it? Not only am I very excited about it, but I’d also like t…

Is Keybase dead yet?

Is Keybase dead yet?..

vutuv is a business network. Think of it as a fast, secure and less annoying open-source alternative for LinkedIn or XING. …

vutuv is a business network. Think of it as a fast, secure and less annoying open-source alternative for LinkedIn or XING. …

I was looking for reasons to convince people why privacy is important, and why they should care. This article gave me one…

WebGL Font Rendering Demo

I love this font rendering demo! <3 I finally saw how subpixel font rendering looks clearer in low DPI screens…

Microsoft knows Windows is obsolete. Here’s a sneak peek at its replacement…

Literata Font | TypeTogether

This one is really comfortable for reading. It might be seen as the Google Play Books equivalent to Amazon Kindle’s Bookerly…


Free and open source alternative to Futura and Century Gothic…