not even apple uses them. I’d like to sometimes point and click on my linux machine. With my finger. What’s wrong with that, it seems to work well on all the smartphones out there.

  • SudoDnfDashY
    192 years ago

    Because on a laptop, where you are going to use the keyboard, it’s just easier to use a mouse. Raising your arms to touch the screen is less ergonomic than just reaching for a mouse or trackpad.

    • @the_tech_beast
      122 years ago

      I have a laptop with a touchscreen. Using a keyboard and mouse is much more comfortable for me.

      I disabled the touchscreen driver on my laptop.

      • @thervingi
        32 years ago

        I like the touchscreen on my laptop. I don’t use it often, but it’s great when you’re lying in bed and it’s uncomfortable to use the touchpad.