• @PP44
    81 year ago
    1. It actually is the reason for my online pseudonym PP44 !

    The reason is it pleases the way I think about many mathematical manipulation. It is difficult to really explain why. But among the many reason :

    • In my mind, numbers that complement each other to form a rounder one like 2 and 8, 25 and 75, are kind of like puzzle pieces that fit together. And among those, the 4 and 6 pair clicks very nicely. The best pair that add up to 10 to me. This is definitively the main reason, and if I had to chose a second one, it would either be 44 or 6 for the same reason.
    • it is the first non prime integer.
    • It is the first (kinda non trivial) square. And the square of two that “define” parity.