Otaku, gamer, self-taught programming student and professional procrastinator from Brazil. In fact, I am procrastinating at this very moment. I love boomer shooters too.

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Seems like an awesome and useful idea! Have not heard of any project of the kind. Would surely love to contribute if you start

I love Chex Quest! Played through all three of them in a single day, and found it an actually good game and very fun. Been craving for more Chex action lol.

What are your favorite/most used source ports for playing DOOM?

My favorite and most used is PRBoom+, more specifically the UMAP info fork, since it brings many QOL and modern features compared to the now abandoned and kinda old last official version. …

I just bookmark it or even set it up and then never touch it again, just because I’m lazy or not interested anymore

Highly recommend using tealdeer, a faster implementation in Rust

Honestly have no idea why the recommended client is the one made in Node.js. I understand why one would use it, but in my opinion it’s too slow for a command line utility

Obsolete and forgotten programming languages are the ones people don’t complain about

kdenlive, a great open-source video editor. The best in my opinion.

This one’s a Brazil exclusive!

ffs my country is a fucking joke

Movie: A Silent Voice, still my favorite anime of all time

Show: Breaking Bad, hard to beat it

Ah yes, our Great Zeebo, the national console. Honestly I’d be fucking proud of my country if TecToy (Zeebo’s company) made the right decisions at the time. I recommend everyone to search about it!

Zeebo was a fucking amazing console. It was exclusively digital, and wi-fi internet connection was made free for everyone. It was supposed to be a console for the low-class, with cheap hardware, cheap game library and free intenet connection. I can’t describe enough how it was truly revolutionary and wonderful for its time.

Unfortunately the console wasn’t that cheap to produce and maintain the free connection for everyone (who would’ve thought?), and TecToy made some shit decisions at the time too.

There are some people who could buy all of the Zeebo Store at the time and sell, to this day, the console with its complete library, but it may be kinda hard to find it.

Fucking proud of my country for this amazing console. Go Brazil!


Thanks for the recommendations and advice! Even though I still don’t have an actual good substitute to Lucky Patcher :(

And I fortunately already knew about the ads use in app description on Google Play and F-Droid (almost exclusively using it and ditching Google Play now!), I’m happy to be able to say that little by little I’m detaching from proprietary software on everything I can!

And I will try harder to look for apps with no ads rather than with from now on. Again, thanks!


Damn. Didn’t knew all of that, thanks for the information!

I don’t modify the apk of any app, just the ones that I know certain features aren’t necessary and I know that the devs aren’t being hurt if I’m doing it (i.e. big tech apps). And I am careful of which apps I modify, if there’s probably checking for unauthorized modifications or if certain modifications will break the app altogether.

Since there’s all these spooky stuff about Lucky Patcher, I did try out Blokada, and I found it very nice! Only thing that didn’t work out for me was that it still doesn’t substitutes Lucky Patcher, since I used it mainly for modifying other in-app features (nothing unethical lol). And the fact that Blokada has to run on the background while in use, when I could just modify one thing and reinstall the apk and never bother to keep Lucky Patcher open.

Could you perhaps recommend me other FOSS app which modifies an app’s internal features just like Lucky Patcher?

I have so much respect for Indian programming tutorials. The Pentamollis Project’s tutorials on Legacy OpenGL’s immediate mode single-handedly introduced me to my interest in graphics programming, which is my main focus to this day.


That’s why we have Lucky Patcher :)

Veloren, spent way too many hours in it.

For the image viewer I’d recommend my favorite of all time, feh. It’s as minimal as you can get, stupidly simple and suckless. It truly is the best simple image viewer.

As for an image editor I confess that I don’t know one that is simple and only does basic editing, but in your place I’d just go with the good and old GIMP. It’s still fast and does what you need.

You can install both via the app-store or just simply using sudo apt install followed by the software name on the terminal.