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Yeah, for some time I’ve realized some weird “takes” here and there but nothing that abnormal. I haven’t seen every video of his, so I might be wrong. His comment section on Odysee was absolute filth though.

Didn’t expect this kind of offer, but yeah, I would love to!

At first it seemed like a cool idea, especially being open source and having a lot of people I watched on YouTube.

But as time went on I realized it was a complete cesspool of hate. Not only on some very bad videos, but especially on comments. Even videos that seemed completely absent of controversial topics somehow had to have some icky comment.

I’m sorry, but your freedom ends where mine begins.

I then completely gave up on it, especially since my distaste for anything crypto only grew bigger since then. The Linux Experiment made a blog post about leaving Odysee some time ago. I agree with everything written on it.

I love Mental Outlaw’s content, btw! I’ve been watching him for a couple years now.

[meta] Use a community icon
Every time I come across a [!golang](https://lemmy.ml/c/golang) post I feel like a proper icon is missing. I mean, why not? Other programming communities already have theirs, and, in my opinion, we have the best and cutest mascot of them all, so why not use it? I would propose we use the [classic standing gopher](https://github.com/golang-samples/gopher-vector/blob/master/gopher.png). There is a [free gophers](https://github.com/egonelbre/gophers) collection as well. Both are licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 and CC0, respectively. [@gregf@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/u/gregf) and [@rek2@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/u/rek2), any thoughts on this?

I can’t recommended Tachiyomi enough. You can download any translated manga/manhwa/webtoon (on multiple languages too!) you want, since you gather them from different sources and websites available inside the app. There’s also a fork called Tachidesk that lets you perfectly read and download mangas on the PC.

But I yet have to find any full-blown officially translated volumes as PDF/EPUB pirate websites.

these tweets have more likes than the original ads, and I have no doubt the ads have way more likes than normal.

elon stans are such losers that it’s sad lmao

And it still is magnitudes smaller than certain AAA games out there. Who would’ve thought that you can optimize your game size and not unnecessarily occupy disk space as if your bloated game is the only important one?

Programming in Go is a blast. I love using the language and the ecosystem.

But let me tell you, Google never made it any more enjoyable to use Go or to be part of its community. Quite the opposite.

I wonder if we are somewhat close to straight up forking it or trying to create a different compiler, just so the community doesn’t have to put up with Google anymore, or at least we begin to actually be heard.

Should private platforms engage in censorship?
Great read by Drew DeVault on a very relevant topic these days.

What are the biggest difficulties when making ActivityPub software compatible/federated with each other? And why?
There are some Fediverse services which are incompatible or don't work that perfectly with each other (e.g. Lemmy on Mastodon). So I was curious on why that could be a problem with ActivityPub compatible software in general. I mean, apparently just implementing ActivityPub may not be enough. And if there are some Lemmy devs reading, what are some technical difficulties for Lemmy on that regard? Thank you for making this awesome piece of software btw!

Data such as email adresses, IP adresses, date of birth, usernames and others were leaked in this data breach. This happened a couple months ago, but I've only found out about it now because [Firefox Monitor](https://monitor.firefox.com/) notified me about it. Thankfully I used Deezer only some years ago for a short time.

In my experience (or at least on my social circle), the implementation of this system wouldn’t do jack. No one would want to pay an additional fee for simply sharing a damn account. They would still keep sharing it freely, since there really is no reason whatsoever to pay for such a thing.

Though I should point out that here is a third-world country, and if many people can’t or barely can afford the lowest SD resolution plan monthly, there would be even less people who would pay a little extra to just share an account.

This policy is so obviously ridiculous.

I always found freeCodeCamp.org’s video tutorials to be the best ones out there for beginners, so if your friend prefers learning stuff on video I’d suggest two videos:

Introduction to Programming and Computer Science if your friend wants to grasp the concept of a programming language and the really basic “whats” and “whys”. I watched only the first ten minutes and it talked enough about what is a programming language. However I don’t think it is obligatory, since these concepts are easy to grasp as you go (at least that’s how it went for me when I was learning by myself).

The actual Python one is Learn Python - Full Course for Beginners, which does introduce how to setup and write Python, as well as programming concepts.

Both of them are pretty long. At least for me, I didn’t ever felt the need to watch/read a full tutorial, since I always learned new stuff while searching on the web or watching specific tutorials for it (I remember I couldn’t understand what and how for loops worked, so I tried to search and learn about them specifically).

Again, it really depends on the way your friend prefers to learn.

Yeah, when I wrote the question I totally forgot religions existed. I was thinking more of something like Capital or 1984.

Just start it and work your way out

The best way to learn something is outright just using it in an actual project. I’ve seen great tools that started as just some dude wanting to learn a new technology

The “software stack” doesn’t matter as much as some people make it to be sometimes. The most important is that you enjoy coding the project and that you have motivation to continue developing it

Project repo with installation and usage instructions.

I would love to play Doom II. I don’t play a fun and classic deathmatch for quite some time.

awesome, and actually useful project!

even if the concept of inventories isn’t new nor invented by yoy, it’s my first time seeing it, so I was quite surprised I have never thought in something so useful.

What do you think about Yofukashi no Uta?
I liked the visuals and especially the music (the ending is a banger). The story is just okay though. What's your opinion on the show?

For a second there I thought the article was talking about heavy metal music. Then I got sad as I remembered reality is not that cool. The news’ still cool though.

sure, this would work with Lemmy since that aren’t that many posts, so even if there’s something low quality it doesn’t override the amount of good content

but how would posts filtering work when a community or even Lemmy itself becomes big enough so that there’s more low quality posts then those that would normally stand out more?

I would personally hate it, since it would be hard to see actual good and interesting posts I’d actually like seeing.

just sort any big subreddit by new and you see it’s difficult too find any interesting content right away

maybe the solution would be highlight posts with more comments? though it would work, it would obfuscate interesting posts that don’t need or get as many discussion in the content and it would highlight controversial posts

Google has been DDoSing SourceHut for over a year
Is anyone surprised Google doesn't even try to fix issues that are damaging its users?

great post! I’m actually very excited for the future of Hare and the recognition it’s getting in the FOSS community, especially when it just got publicly announced. It’s always nice seeing something fresh being considered as a real alternative to writing software.

I’m also seeing how the language can bring light to SourceHut, since it’s a great and simple git repository aggregator. (is that how those are called?)

Though I’d wish for the language too have Windows support, I can see why that is considering it’s pure FOSS nature. It certainly would enable an audience outside of the FOSS community to try out the language and consider it for writing real software.

I didn’t knew about this writer and would like to report how it’s missing a RSS feed (am I really that stupid to not have found it?). Or if there is one, at least share its existence more explicitly on the website. I genuinely want to follow the blog.

I was scraping through the image thinking I’m too stupid to understand one if it was some joke I didn’t know of, but I just had to zoom out a little bit…

You’re absolutely right.

I do agree that the vast majority of distributions made for daily use uses the GNU Core Utils (hard to use most popular software without glibc).

But I’d like to remember that there are more than a handful of Linux distributions we use everyday while forgetting they don’t use GNU Software at all.

Take for example Android or distributions used in server/embedded systems like Alpine Linux. The kernel and the Unix-like environment is the core reason people remember them as Linux and not Bionic, BusyBox or musl.

You are still completely right when talking about casual desktop Linux, which the majority of discussions about “Linux” focuses on.

Damn, I want GNU Hurd to be s table soon so I could flex about my GNU system.

Perhaps we could create a c/GNU community?

This manga is absolutely awesome! It was nice following it through chapter releases and sad when it finally ended.

Very excited for this! It was officially announced just two days ago on 4.0 alpha 6 changelog, and it already made me extra excited for Godot 4.0. It's gonna be so fun editing my projects on the go. What are your opinions about this port?

Thank you! This actually helps me quite a bit. Definitetly will be join IRC and the mailing list to talk more about it

I’ve became interested in gamejams for the last couple of days, so I should definitely try to participate in this one :)

This will be my first jam, and I’ve never completely finished a project, let alone in a limited amount of time. I’m already nervous if I’m gonna be able to organize myself.

Any tips for jam newbies like me?

tf it was just a joke why are you taking this so seriously

multiple personalities is not a joke dude.

maybe it’s multiple personalities lol

and it’s not “engineers”, it’s “wizards”

AniDex, a torrent tracker and indexer for everything anime related!
Everything from anime english fansubs and raws, to translated visual novels and a lot of JAVs, for some reason.

FOSS GIF search engine
Is there any FOSS alternative to something like Giphy or Tenor? Or even a keyboard that embeds a GIF search engine? I tried looking on alternativeto.net, but it doesn't seem to have any FOSS alternative. If it doesn't exists, I'd say it's time to make one!

I’ll always consider myself a citizen from Planet Earth first than brazilian. The world is everybody’s home.

There’s absolutely no need for such bureaucracies that make immigration so difficult, it only divides people.

I second this!

Não esperava encontrar um brasileiro no Lemmy tão cedo kk

Seems like an awesome and useful idea! Have not heard of any project of the kind. Would surely love to contribute if you start

I love Chex Quest! Played through all three of them in a single day, and found it an actually good game and very fun. Been craving for more Chex action lol.

What are your favorite/most used source ports for playing DOOM?
My favorite and most used is [PRBoom+](https://doomwiki.org/wiki/PrBoom%2B), more specifically the [UMAP info fork](https://github.com/coelckers/prboom-plus), since it brings many QOL and modern features compared to the now abandoned and kinda old last official version. Other source ports I use and love: [Eternity Engine](https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Eternity_Engine), [Crispy Doom](https://www.chocolate-doom.org/wiki/index.php/Crispy_Doom), [DOOM Retro](https://www.doomretro.com/) and [GZDoom](https://www.zdoom.org/index) if I'm feeling ""funky"". Very curious to know lemmy's favorites!

I just bookmark it or even set it up and then never touch it again, just because I’m lazy or not interested anymore

Highly recommend using tealdeer, a faster implementation in Rust

Honestly have no idea why the recommended client is the one made in Node.js. I understand why one would use it, but in my opinion it’s too slow for a command line utility

Obsolete and forgotten programming languages are the ones people don’t complain about

kdenlive, a great open-source video editor. The best in my opinion.

This one’s a Brazil exclusive!

ffs my country is a fucking joke