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I mean the title of his latest video

Hey Bluetooth, What’s New? : Oh, We Want to Chip You

is somewhat sensationalst? I haven’t watched the video, but I think current privacy invasions are bad enough, using such a language and spreading paranoia by saying “wanna chip you” is just irresponsible.

apparently’s description on still says it’s the flagship instance. I think it’s better to inform users what they’re joining, so we have less drama.

that feeling when you can’t really tell if it’s ironic or not …

take a rest by the campfire, for you have passed the test. not many can win such a battle, but you proved yourself worthy :)

but seriously, I’m wating for the day computers solve all captchas better than us. probably they will be the ones runing the forums by then and we’ve gone back to using pigeons.

good point, nutomic said we could have multiple ones, to avoid centralization. but a flagship is useful for people who don’t want to find a specific instance and just wanna make an account and get going.

What is your vision for Lemmy's flagship instance?

considering that is not a flagship instance, and that we need a general-purpose instance to function as the flagship, how do you want it to be? …

you can’t remove the posts from c/all, but I guess you can choose to only show posts in your feed.

step one: close his eyes as if he’s staring at a spotlight, yeah, that must make him interiguing…


I know about lemmy lite, but dessalines said the project was discontinued, and apparantly never had support for posting comments.

But IMHO this obsession with nojs is nonsense. A simple allow-list for trusted JS sources is perfectly fine.

lol, I just want Lemmy to be Tor-friendly. it would also be cool if those who wanted could use Lemmy without js.

and how dare you insult the holy , it’s pure art >:3



makes me think, how long does it take for a non-programmer to be able to make a javascript free front end for Lemmy? do I need to learn only html?

I’m kinda inspired by and wanna do something before the motivation goes away xD

I wish I wasn’t so tech iliterate. I don’t mean that I didn’t know how to use a phone or install game on a computer, I mean having some understanding of how things work. it would have made the transition much easier, and less frustrating.

haha, just checked, I’m younger than google. but I’d say there’s not much practical difference between generations. it was my dad who taught me how to search and introduced me to google and windows, I didn’t even know there were alternatives. while my generation has been conditioned to love sharing every detail of our lives on ig or facebook, I’d say most of us just assume what we search on google, what we watch on youtube, or generally the stuff we don’t share with people but trust our phones or applications to handle, will remain private. and I think most older people think the same thing. they might value privacy more, but since they are unaware of data collection, there isn’t much practical difference.

That apparently there are people who think there is a “world of privacy to enter” instead of it just being common sense stuff that I have been doing for ever anyways… Seriously, this is not some red pill blue pill matrix shit, and pretending it to be just makes it sound like some secret society stuff that makes it suspect for normal people.

don’t be so harsh xD

honestly there are so many people who don’t even have an idea of what online privacy is and so many people who “have nothing to hide” that privacy-aware people would look like conspiracy theorists to the average person. just the fact that someone refuses to use google would be alien to people. now add refusing to use apple phones, windows, whatsapp, facebook, instagram, google chrome etc and the average person thinks you’re a drug dealer or some kind of hermit. it shouldn’t be like this at all, but it won’t change as long as people who care about privacy are a minority. turns out your common sense is sensible, but not common at all.

honestly it’s really sad that big corporations are using software that respects their freedom, while feeding the masses with android, windows, facebook, whatsapp, etc. it’s just wrong T_T

Artbreeder is generative adversarial network, a type of machine learning that makes it possible to play around with landscapes, portraits, album covers, and more. you can breed different images together and make new images, or just change different variables to make the changes you want. I though it…


it’s available on F-Droid. it’s called LBRY.

I mean ddg is also mostly Bing results, and when bing’s policy changes it affects ddg, so searx can kinda be similar?

imagine how long it takes to compile them though.

this is so inspiring, I’m getting emotional T_T

yeah, it has a problem with searching. when you search, type what you’re looking for, delete the last character, and type it again. it fixes it for me.

This Anti-Feature is applied to apps where the upstream source code includes proprietary software by default in their own releases.

mull is a fork of fennec, which is a fork of android firefox which is not entirely foss, and includes some telemetry and tracking. fennec removes proprietary parts and telemetry from firefox, but is able to connent to some servers of mozilla and google, which can track users. it’s not hardened either. then mull comes and forks fennec, and adds features from Tor uplift and arkenfox-user.js preferences. but since the upstream code comes from firefox for android, it has this anti-feature. if I understand it correctly, mull is the best android browser for now.

I wish there was an open-source and decentralized alternative to ddg

I think searx would fit that definition. is FOSS, self hostable, and in my experience (of 2 days searching with it xD ) its results are better than ddg.

there’s also a tutorial about choosing a random instance for each search here. the only problem is that some instances don’t function well. so you might need to search again.

What are some features you want to see in Lemmy and some features you don't want to see?

What are some new or reddit features that you think will improve Lemmy, and what are the things that you don’t want to lay your eyes upon ever?..