living my life, trying to be productive, and miserably failing at both.

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I think letting the communiry moderators decide that would be good, since some communities like support ones would benefit, while there’s no reason not to archive posts on some others.

agreed, I don’t like linking online identities of a single person together, but just checking the posting history of a lemmygrad admin and one of lemmy develper’s reddit account clearly shows that they are the same person.

show instances of users saying “I was joking” or “saying that abuse is a good thing” during a discussion about any alleged genocide, abuse or disater.

if we were talking about lemmygrad, I would agree, but personally is a place for me that I enjoy browsing and posting to. anyway I think it’s the best opportunity for anyone interested in making a centrist or apolitical instance and get the label of “flagship instance” on joinlemmy to help it grow and become as big as, it will also make it easier for people who don’t like the politics of to choose an instance knowing that it has no strong political affiliation.

but I agree the folks on lemmygrad can be a little bit … let’s say annoying.

also interesting that their only problem seems to be about the “genocide”.

I think it can open it in freetube if you change the preferences.

I understand that it is annoying, but I think it’s because we’re still a small community. when our numbers become much higher, users will be almost enough to fight spamming. big subs will have enough users sorting by new and downvoting spams that they won’t get any visibility, and they will have enough mods to remove spams. this is what I said on a similar post:

I think once we get bigger and report functionality gets added, it won’t be that much of a problem anymore. it’s important to note that any anti-spam method comes at the risk of frustrating users, discrimination and potential for abuse. we could enforce a certain account age or positive karma for posts, or we could introduce shadow bans, or we could make a button for trusted users to empower them, but that would be empowering them over normal users.

once we get really big though, then just upvotes and downvotes would be enough to throw spams into the dark realm of the forgotten, never to be seen again.

unfortunately I have no idea how to make a pull request, but I made an account and opened the issue here:

until it’s implemented, maybe we can let users know this about deletion, in the account deletion warning? something like “Your posts and comments might remain visible in other instances”.

interesting. I don’t think a profile would be much useful if it couldn’t be traced back to you, but as you say it’s possible to use writing style and grammar mistakes to fingerprint you. maybe use translation services that rephrase what you wanna say? or make intentional mistakes with some of your accounts? and have different accounts for different subjects, one for foss, one for politics, one for veganism, one for your job, one for your hobbies, one for more personal things, one for answering technical questions …

but yeah, do what your threat model asks for. but if you’re going to delete your account and leave, just know that it was a pleasant experience interacting with you and your content, ajz :)

agreed, when we share something publicly that can be accessed by anyone there’s not much room for privacy. the best one could ask is having some anonimity so no no one can link the posts to your real identity.

I think if you don’t share any personally identifiable information (eg don’t sign up with your email), you won’t really need to delete your posts. if it can’t be traced back to you, and doesn’t contain personal information, then it isn’t a privacy concern is it? the question would be if lemmy stores something like IP addresses? if yes, use Tor pr a vpn, and that’s it in my opinion. no need to remove your contributions, I’m sure people appreciate them :)

“so you want security?”

takes the Qubes OS installation media out

exactly as @hamborgr said, just note that you should block 3rd party (only for hard mode), 3rd party frames and scripts (for both modes) in the global column, that is the column in the middle.

also the hated one video is a bit old, so you won’t see green listing in current uBlock, since it could unblock all trafic I think, and users could accidentally enable it.

I guess I’m a 4th dimension friend, lol.

well, you’re lucky, I don’t think I’ve ever met a single leftist in my life T_T

I think that feeling should be common among anti-capitalists who haven’t learned enough or don’t know how it is possible to make a change. that feeling when capitalism disgusts you, yet you don’t know how to respond, and you don’t know how to channel this strong feeling into something productive. maybe it’s because we haven’t taken our time to actually learn theory, hell, I don’t even know what exactly socialism and communism are, so I can’t even identify as one. so maybe it’s not knowing enough?

guys, it’s time to shitpost so much that this community gets cleansed from seriousness, and embraces satire.

hey hey, we want some media attention for writing the wikipedia article!


this thread is so wholesome :D

honestly spending some time on lemmy washes away the anti-China propaganda pretty quickly. I think now I have a much more realistic view of China than I had before. like I don’t think it’s a utopia, but honestly my previous views seem ridiculous now, like how stupid could I be? xD

and look, she has a little golden earring!..

so I was reading this thread, and I noticed I could read the comment by , while I knew they had deleted the comment. on the other hand, the comment by @Travis Skaalgrad was displayed as deleted, which I knew was incorrect. so I checked a few more time…

Should we dedicate this community to open source hardware, vaccines, and other products and post news and articles about FOSS in some sub like c/foss , c/floss or c/libresoftware ?

I think calling it libre or foss better shows that we are looking for user freedom as well as transparency, considering that companies like google are mostly associated with the phrase and if you ask people to name some open source projects, they will probably answer chromium and AOSP. so maybe it’s…

What is your vision for Lemmy's flagship instance?

considering that is not a flagship instance, and that we need a general-purpose instance to function as the flagship, how do you want it to be? …

step one: close his eyes as if he’s staring at a spotlight, yeah, that must make him interiguing…

Artbreeder is generative adversarial network, a type of machine learning that makes it possible to play around with landscapes, portraits, album covers, and more. you can breed different images together and make new images, or just change different variables to make the changes you want. I though it…


What do you think about recent events on c/worldnews? Should we try to prevent such behaviors?

so if you haven’t come across it, see here , here , here and here . …

What are some features you want to see in Lemmy and some features you don't want to see?

What are some new or reddit features that you think will improve Lemmy, and what are the things that you don’t want to lay your eyes upon ever?..