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Metager is great. Open-source, nonprofit, private

what do you mean by unpredictable?

I wished more people used i2p for torrenting.

Anyone have any follow up reading? I would love to read more comprehensively about how many of the mentioned ideas would actually be implemented in a cohesive system.

I used AlphaVPS for an OpenVZ VPS for a while and was satisfied. However, I needed a KVM VPS and at that point it’s cheaper (iirc) going with Hetzner, so I switched.

Isn’t it just great that it is running open firmware that you can adjust to your needs and UI preferences… :)

Love it when people just copy paste from HN ;)

All the answers I’ve seen so far don’t seem to account for metadata. You might want to have a look at tox over tor, xmpp over tor with omemo, or session if you are concerned about it.

Lots of other Gnome apps are written in Rust as well.

Depending on how serious your work is, you might want to consider https://github.com/antoyo/relm . It let’s you work with an easier Elm-like abstraction on top of Gtk. Also have at look at this for the general state of the GUI ecosystem: https://www.areweguiyet.com/

Open an issue on their repo

IIRC SimpleLogin has this on their roadmap

Recommended VPS Provider?

I’m looking to switch to a different VPS provider that is more privacy-respecting. …

Matrix as an alternative to SMTP?

Given all the issues with PGP mail, SMTP, and IMAP, as well as the flexibility of Matrix, I was wondering if it makes sense to apply Matrix to non-realtime communication like email. Developments like autocrypt and pEp just seem like attempts to fix a…

Any progress for a native Signal client?

I know there were several initiatives a few months ago hoping to develop a native linux client for Signal. Are we any closer?..