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I think Resonate combines the best of both worlds: easy and ethical exploration of new music + owning songs you listen frequently. It might be more challenging to explore new music if you need to buy every song beforehand.

While they are definitely cheap, I don’t see any indication of superior privacy.

Interesting option. Might be exactly what I’m looking. Reasonably priced as well.

More private than AlphaVPS. Privacy in the sense of less likely to monitor or monetize my data and vps behavior. You can think of it in the reason why someone would prefer Mullvad VPN over Opera VPN. Although you have no guarantees, one option might seem preferable in terms of privacy.

I’ve gotten away just fine with 30GB of storage for matrix (only about 30% util). I’m hosting a xmpp server regardless.

Recommended VPS Provider?

I’m looking to switch to a different VPS provider that is more privacy-respecting. …


Matrix as an alternative to SMTP?

Given all the issues with PGP mail, SMTP, and IMAP, as well as the flexibility of Matrix, I was wondering if it makes sense to apply Matrix to non-realtime communication like email. Developments like autocrypt and pEp just seem like attempts to fix a…

Ah I wasn’t aware of whisperfish and flare.

Any progress for a native Signal client?

I know there were several initiatives a few months ago hoping to develop a native linux client for Signal. Are we any closer?..

How does this compare to Briar and Ricochet? All three use Tor.

How did you get the tiling functionality?

Um actually, I think you mean GNU Guix