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Gentoo uses it’s own init OpenRC but one can switch to systemd

Some additional info and explanations:

Of course it requires knowlege of C and the technology application works on, but that’s not entirely true.
You don’t technically need to be a compsci major to copy/modify code from stackoverflow or snippets from the email archives.
Suckless software is definitely not for all and it isn’t universal (in some sense)
It is universal in that it does things according to specifications and is simple so there’s not a lot to break.
Also not universal because stuff like accessibility aren’t considered too much even though most of that software is text based, so should be compatible with i.e. screen readers.
Elitism may be a problem but it doesn’t stand in a way of user. The codebase is not limited to work only for elitists and participation in the community is not mandatory. As almost always in every community, not everyone in suckless community is an elitist and its based on particular individual.

The thing about configs vs C is that many apps have their own config conventions, they deviate a lot from one implementation to another and you have to study their documentation (if it exists).
C on the other hand is one standard, some things differ in conventions in libraries, but most standard ones hold to one convention and you may apply solution from one adaptation to different suckless programs.
Of course it requires knowlege of C and the technology application works on, but that’s not entirely true.
Thing is while other configs have their own documentation, C language has many books, standards, articles code snippets et cetera, which is C’s documentation (sort of).
I guess it is inherently hard to understand for regular individual that while configurable apps explicitely direct you to the config documentation, suckless software doesn’t do that with directing to C books because that should be merely obvious.
Suckless software is definitely not for all and it isn’t universal (in some sense) but that’s how it can stay simple, elegant and maintain small codebase.

Of course Stephen would support anything fully automated, have you seen the guy?

I use JSpeccy, it’s a bit outdated (probably complete) but it does the job and I prefer jvm for this sort of things.

Why should SQLite use git?

I would say also internet explorer and winexplorer fall under this category too. But they are discontinued by the industry and winexplorer doesn’t have all the features IE has.
Inb4 free software gang has a problem with me suggesting IE

Ptobably stuff like lynx, links, w3m. Linx 2 even has a graphical version xlinks2 but it uses comparable amount of ram to firefox.

Apparently some phones have these connectors that antenna can be connected to, but doing that may void your warranty.
Also manufacturers try to hide them sometimes.
Video about this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9pDB1kGmLY

The phones had to come with relatively big antenna because cell transmitter towers were not as common. Sometimes the distance to it was big.
My question relates to same topic. Some cell towers on the countryside only reside in neighbouring villages or towns.
Theoretically it ought not to be hard, just connect a bigger antenna to the device however modern devices are not designed to have external antenna.
I hope some enthusiasts know about this stuff and help with a guide on how to find antenna connection on PCB so that external antenna can be soldered to those.

[Help needed] Connecting external antenna to a cell device

I am travelling to rural places often and the cell coverage is pretty bad in some of them. The plan is to connect an external antenna to both a modem used for network connection and a feature phone that I have. …

Pidgin is a great client. I wish there was a mobile version of it!

Where to find NetBeans 7/8 without jdk?

If you know where such versions are located, please link here. I can’t seem to find it anywhere and don’t want to install the one bundled with oracle jdk because I already have openjdk installed on my system…

Doesn’t seem to have a lot of activity on the issue, it is forgotten.

This is a great project that I personally approve of. Though, admittedly for europe and UK market it would be sensible to base a phone on ZX Spectrum or something simillar.
It is pretty fascinating to see such a simple and primitive tech finding its way back in life.
Such simple systems make it easy to implement extensions, absolutely love his point about connecting a radio to it and playing multiplayer game over 10 kilometers or well… since it’s a phone, communicating too.
P.S. can you repost it to hardware community too?

OpenVPN Client and server from freeopenvpn.org
Alternatively CalyxVPN.

Aside from all this, Brave isn’t a bad browser, it has adblock in it, a torrent client.
The only bad feature it has (from privacy POV) is Brave Rewards.
From what I know there is browser forked from brave called Dissenter which doesn’t have rewards and also has website rating system, where you can leave or check feedback about websites.

But if you want asian or other complex alphabet languages support, look elsewhere.
I personally use SwiftKey which came with my phone for that, but all other time it’s hacker’s keyboard.

Nothing better than Hacker’s Keyboard.
Change my mind.

Microsoft will do anything but update Minecraft java edition to newer Java haha
In this case they decided to fork OpenJDK

MobileBASIC 2.23

Hi, I’ve got something really useless but bizarre in here: MobileBASIC 2.23 IDE for PC. Quite a few years back it was probably used to create simple and not-so-simple MIDlets (Java ME phne/nokia applications) This software is pretty hard to get, which is understandable because it’s abandonware. …


Pippo micro web framework in Java

“The goal of this project is to create a micro web framework in Java that should be easy to use and hack. Pippo can be used in small and medium applications and also in applications based on micro services architecture.”…