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extremely dumb noob question (and noob op): php vs nodejs
I have heard people call nodejs "serverside js". Is that true? Could it replace php? thanks

Isn’t that generic programming knowledge (i.e you don’t know why the program bsods your machine and you find out that a function page faults which is something that can happen in a lot of low level languages/ high level that work closer to the machine)

When can someone consider themself good at using a specific programming language
One of my favorite languages is c (because of lots of reasons) and i know the basics of the language (i.e operations and op. order to pointers and particular behaviors of specific standards) but i still feel like i lack something. I am not talking about generic programming knowledge but of specific quirks of the language. When can someone say "i am pro efficient with $language"? Thanks

and why do people use both?

nah just for posting

doesn’t tor do just ip spoofing?

any suggestions then?

so what do you suggest

so for shitposting on 4chan protonvpn is good enough

OperaVPN vs ProtonVPN
I want to try one of them just for random internet browsing. which one do i pick?

Need os for acer m1610 pc with nvidia card
just something light that does not require a lot of maintenance and it's stable enough

both… i shit my pants when i have to talk to people i know and i haven’t spoken to a stranger by my own will in years

Would it be a good idea to do stuff like "challenges" to improve yourself
something similar to the [4chan electronics challenge](https://github.com/Rocheez/4chan-electronics-challenges/blob/master/list-of-challenges.png) but for social anxiety or wathever?

Are there any e-readers that can connect to a pc (so that i can put pdf/epubs on it)

Non reader that wants to become a reader
I am a slow reader and i can't really get into reading because i find it quite challenging (i can read decently but the drive isn't there). Any tips? thanks

I am extremely grateful of that too

A decent alternative to thunderbird?
I just want a mail client and not all of the other features. Possibly FOSS and from terminal. Thanks

I want to develop a pvc pipe structure and i want to model it. how can i do that?
I've been thinking about building a structures with pvc pipes but before buying the materials i want to plan it. The things that i know: -It doesn't concern liquid transportation -I am not going to use pipe connectors (i can mold them) -I have ways to bend the pipes. Any suggestions? thanks

Looking for c library for image processing
I am looking for an image processing library for c that can do: -convolutions -boundaries detection -pixel manipulation Is there such a thing? thanks

How should someone be aware of "best practices"
While programming i am always afraid that what i do, even if it works, is unsafe/deprecated (stuff like using the mysql API in php instead of mysqli or PDO). I was asking myself how does someone keep up with the best practices for a certain field/programming language? thanks EDIT: Thanks to everyone that was exaustive